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Web session


Melva Peters (Chair)Jenaker Consulting
Scott RobertsonKaiser Permanente
Peter SergentHL7 New Zealand
Jean DuteauDuteau Design
John HatemIndependent Consultant
Margaret WeikerNCPDP
Catherine Hosage NormanFDA
Rik SmithiesHL7 UK
Vivek Desai
Lloyd McKenzieGevity Consulting
Joe QuinnHealthShare Exchange (HSX)
Norman Gregory
Tim McNeilSurescripts
Smita Hastak
Dave HillMITRE
Maggie BuchingerSurescripts
Peter Muir

Agenda Items and Notes


Catalog Updates (John Hatem)

  • October 30, 2020  Continue working on Ballot issues
    • Also listed the following Catalog Plans for 2021
      • Plan to complement the content with device, and, depending on contributions, also medication, and then submit the extended content to May ballot.
      • Change milestones in 1010 project:
        • Next: May 2021 ballot
        • End: January 2022

Workflow Update (John Hatem)

  • November 2, 2020 
    • discussed Contract

Healthcare Product Update (John Hatem)

  • November 2, 2020
    • Overview of Substance/Substance Definition
    • Discussed Device Use 

NCPDP Updates (NCPDP Members)

NHSN Inpatient Medication Administration Reports (FHIR IG) - Sarah Gaunt

  • no discussion

Medication List guidance project

PQ/CMC Manufacturing Issues

Discussion of JIRA Issues raised by PQ/CMC team: PQ/CMC JIRA Issues

  • electronic standards for submitting Pharmaceutical Quality and Chemistry and Manufacturing
  • looking at changing the batch attributes
  • Need more details about the batch
  • See slide deck for more details HL7 PQCMC_Pharmacy11022020_final.pptx
  • Discussion
    • Is medication the proper resource for this - yes
      • scope is to identify a medication
        • this expands the identification
    • Are these core attributes to medication or not?
      • don't really feel like these are core
      • most implementers will not need these attributes for prescribing, dispensing, administering
      • not likely in the core spec
    • Core extension - how many are extensions for the IG or how many are extensions that should be on core
      • need to identify which ones should be added to core vs specific to use case and should be extensions
    • Are any of these attributes references in IDMP?
      • the attributes are not part of IDMP
    • Methodology of extensions
      • keep noise down in the spec
      • every data element that you want to send is core to someone's use case - but not everyone needs them
      • principle - include elements in resources if confident that they are needed across full suite of implementers - 80% of implementers will use in interface or will reasonably have support for element in very near future (via regulation).  Everything is handled via extension
      • have to look at each element across the full scope of the use of the medication resource and not just from the manufacturing use case
        • everything manufacturing specific - will be an extension
    • Need to figure out when the line is between attributes brought forward to determine which are extensions vs core vs core extension
    • Can core-extensions be re-used?  Yes, if defined correctly
      • couple of options
        • include core elements in extension but include an invariant to prevent them from being populated if core element has the attributes
        • extensions on an extension to add in additional elements
    • Next steps
      • identify the attributes that need to be in a core-extension vs core vs extension
      • need to determine how to do core extension that can be used in medication and substance
      • Jean will work with Catherine and Smita to determine
      • may need to be included in R4B - would need FMG approval

FHIR (Group)

Trackers - link to pharmacy unresolved Jira trackers 

  • no discussion


PDex Formulary

  • published STU1 IG
  • issues identified for URLs for Structured Definitions
    • due to upper/lower case issues - moving to lower case "d"
  • Technical correction - want to publish modifications 
  • need to resolve remaining issues in build
  • Motion:  Jean - Margaret to publish the technical correction 
    • 12 - 0 - 4 - Carried
  • Needs to go to FMG for approval

Next meeting

  • November 9, 2020 at 4pm Eastern