Chair: Christol Green Alberto S. Llanes Durwin Day 

Scribe: Robin Isgett  

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Review HL7 Anti-Trust Policy

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Christol read Antitrust statement.
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New Proposals and PSS for review - PIE comments or interest

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    1. PSS-2007 - Getting issue details... STATUS

PSS-2007  HL7 FHIR US Public Health Profiles Library.  PIE WG commented to be an interested party.

Serafina asked that the PIE WG attend the FM calls regarding PSS-2001 FHIR IG for the Human Services Resource and Provider Directories.  She made a motion for PIE to co-sponsor with FM.  Durwin seconded the motion.  Cille, Stanley and Mike abstained.

VOTE:  12-0-3

Sean/Ioana MRR Domain Analysis Model Review PSS-1939 - FHIR IG & C-CDA Supplemental Guide for Medical Record Reviews
Sean and Ioana did not attend the meeting.  Add to future agenda.

ONC released the Draft United States Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI) v3 and has requested comment by April 30, 2022.  Key updates in the draft for comments are: 

  1. New Data Classes and Elements Added 
  2. Improvements and Changes to Existing Data Elements 
  3. Feedback Request for Specific Data Elements 

See page 4 of Christol's discussion guide.  Regarding new data class, Stanley, Bob and Mike agreed that the data is already within the EHR systems.  Rachel agrees that the dataset should be included in version 3.  Russ stated that by Dec 2022, USCDI V1 has to be exchanged in C-CDA and available via FHIR APIs.  Timelines for versions 2 & 3 are not published yet.  Reviewed new data elements and recommend value sets.

AllCDex - Payer request for information data elements needed/required from X12 277 RFI and 278 request for additional information.Mike stated that there is a separate meeting on Thursday 04/14/22.  Christol will send out an E-mail regarding work on CDex.
Open FloorCARIN ID Card add to agenda next week:  Here is a quick update on where we are with CARIN Insurance Card IG, I have completed updates for 29 Jira Tickets on a branch here: We only have 5 additional tickets that require updates to the IG, but these are more technical in nature. Mark is working with Mitre to see who might be able to assist us with finishing out those changes.Cille provided an update on CARIN Digital ID card.
 Adjourned at 3:34 PM EST

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