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ManagementThe Ballot Results summary package for the Early 2022MAY ballot cycle is now available at Ballot Results Summary for Early 2022MayLink would not download successfully.

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ONC 2022 Annual Meeting

The 2022 ONC Annual Meeting will be held in two parts – with education sessions on February 2-3 and a variety of dynamic and engaging panel sessions and exhibits on April 13-14. 

February 2-3, 2022: Education Sessions and Office Hours:

  • Learn about TEFCA, Information Sharing, USCDI, and more!
  • Recordings and slides available below.

April 13-14, 2022: Panel Sessions, Exhibit Hall, and Networking:

Reviewed reminders.
Mark, CilleCARIN  Digital ID Card  review and vote on last two Jira reconciliation tickets:  35107, 34770

FHIR-34770  Publishing issue to fix type element for extension element.  See Zulip thread link.  Extension (PlanBeneficiary) added as (complex extension).

FHIR-35107  Cigna had several points:  Amend technical workflow, amend scenario, change extensions, plan beneficiaries.


New Proposals and PSS for review - PIE comments or interest

  1. Project Proposals 
  2. Project Scope Statements

PSS-1936 - Getting issue details... STATUS

PSS-2002 - Getting issue details... STATUS

PSS-1936 FHIR ID Electronic Anesthesia Records.  Commented that PIE Workgroup receive updates.

PSS-2002  Real Time Location Services.  Commented no interest at this time.

Lenel JamesSDOH discussionPSS-2000  FHIR IG for the Human Services Resource and Provider Directories.   There is a new Human and Social Services Workgroup.  Serafina stated that mapping is a big part of the project.  The intent is to use PDex as basis to then use HSDS for directories and map to existing profiles to see if there are gaps. Commented that PIE Workgroup reviewed this build off of PDex directory and is interested party and possibly like to co-sponsor.
Hans BuitendijkData Sets for CDex 

As a follow-up to the Da Vinci OC call where I provided an update on the CDex data set survey, what would be a good PIE workgroup call to join to provide

some background and connect the dots with PIEs identification of predefined data sets that would be frequently asked for by payers of providers that are not

in support of claims, prior authorization, quality measures?  See survey link.

Sean MuirPSS-1939 - FHIR IG & C-CDA Supplemental Guide for Medical Record Reviews. See link to slides.


HL7 Project Outreach - MRR Interoperability - 2022Apr01 - CQI Meeting_rev1.pdf

Ioana made a motion that PIE co-sponsor the project.  Rachel seconded the motion.

VOTE:  17-0-0

Management Next agenda 4/5  CDex HIMSS presentation and CDex next steps payer request to be documented 

 Adjourned at 03:56 PM EST

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