Chair: Grey Faulkenberry 

Scribe:   Jessica Banks 


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HSSWG calls are recorded per WG approval during December 16, 2021 conference call unless an objection is sustained.

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Chris Shawn (Co-Chair)

Liz Oppenheim (Co-Chair)Mitre
Grey Faulkenberry (Co-Chair)MayJuun
Mohammad Jafari (Co-Chair)Cognitive Medical Systems
Lizz Olson (Co-Chair)Atrium Health
Ken SalyardsHHS/ACF
Joanna ThurstonHHS/ACF
Jessica BanksGoldbelt
Jasmine StewartGoldbelt
Sheetal ShahEMI Advisors
Karen BertodattiEMI Advisors
Emma JonesEMI Advisors
Gay DolinNamaste Informatics
Kerry BeckmanVA


  • Chirag Bhatt, FEI Systems
  • Greg Bloom, Open Referral
  • Sal Rana, Goldbelt
  • Gordon Campbell, FEI Systems
  • Cody Johansen, Unite Us
  • Serafina Versaggi, independent consultant
  • Denise Joseph, ONC
  • Brian Handspicker, IX4HS/Gravity/Unify
  • Joe Bormel, Cognitive
  • Gilbert Thompson, ACL
  • Evelyn Gallego, EMI Advisors
  • Joseph Lugo, ACL
  • Teresa Gerard, Guardian Group
  • Eric Jahn, Alexandria Consulting
  • Ioana Singureanu, Book Zurman
  • Kelly Cronin, ACL
  • JaWanna Henry, ONC
  • Kathryn Lucia, New York eHealth Collaborative
  • Gabe Cate, WellSky
  • Danyale
  • Mark Banks, SNOMED International
  • Cathy Richardson, SNOMED International

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Agenda Item


Decisions / Actions

1Welcome and Quorum

Quorum = 2 co-chairs and 2 guests

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2Agenda Review


Minutes Approval

2022-02-24 HSSWG Agenda/Minutes

Decision: Approved by general consensus

Meeting Minutes from the previous meeting were shared with the listserv ahead of the meeting.

  • Evelyn Gallego: If you are attending HIMSS, there will be several sessions related to health equity/SDOH. This includes:
    • 3 sessions with the Gravity Project
    • Gravity Project Meet + Greet - all HSS Work Group members invited
    • Convening among FHIR accelerators on FHIR questionnaire
  • Mohammad Jafari: There will also be a FHIR Consent for Social Services Demo at HIMSS, sponsored by the VA.


HSS WG Overview


Potential Projects Review and Discussion

  • Projects Table Summary HSS Projects
  • Domain Analysis Model (DAM) - Gay Dolin and Emma Jones
    • Gay Dolin: The DAM is being recommended as a group project. We believe it will be a project that will help coalesce the workgroup and understand the whole domain in the context of how they relate to interoperability standards. It’s a foundational part of the product lines. We think it will help the group gel and help us determine what projects are going to come out of it, how they relate to each other and how they could be combined, etc.
    • Emma Jones: Participated in developing the Care Plan DAM and Learning Health System WG's Care Team DAM. The DAMs can help inform different implementation Guides, FHIR Profiles, CDA RIM and information models. 
    • The group discussed the pros and cons of having a high-level conceptual model for social services versus having a capabilities-level focus area.
    • Please see slides: Human and Social Services WG _ Public Call 3_10 _ DAM.pptx
  • HSDS to FHIR Mapping - Gordon Campbell
    • Goal is to demonstrate use of HSDS and related HSDS mapping to HL7 FHIR profiles for standardized, open resource directories that allow for look-up and retrieval of community resources.
    • Would like to work through the HSS Work Group and eventually get this balloted. 
    • Group had discussion on current use of standards and taxonomies. 
    • Please see slides: ACL Scaling Interoperabilty Intro 030922 A.pptx

7Next Meeting

The next HSS WG public call is on March 24th, 2022

Next HSS WG public call: March 24, 2022

Meeting Adjourned: 4:00 pm ET