Date: 2020-10-29

Facilitator:  Anthony Julian

Note Taker: Anne Wizauer




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MethodologyFAIRness for FHIR Co-sponsorship Request - Giorgio Cangioli

Giorgio here to represent the project. The project will develop a FHIR IG to support health data FAIRness assessment by using FHIR conformance resources.

Jean: You have SOA as the sponsor. Why does ARB need to be involved? Giorgio: One important aspect of the project is bridging between the FAIR world and the FHIR world, and mapping between the two models. Guidance of ARB could help in this cross family mapping. Jean isn't sure this is in ARB's scope.

MOTION that ARB follow this project as an interested party and ask for occasional updates



MethodologyFHIR Profile Library External Content Review - Susan Matney

Susan states this is a guide that has been created and already endorsed by ONC. Content was developed by Logica, not under HL7 processes.

Susan walks through the content. It is a library, not an IG that you would build an app from. Has all labs, signs/symptoms, underlying medical conditions, etc. Nathan: This is not an IG like most would think of - these profiles can be used for any use case. Provides guidance on how COVID data can be exchanged. 

Discussion over whether it's US Realm or Universal. Susan reports that it's currently US Realm. Reviewed copyright notices. Will need to sort out joint branding issues with publishing. 

MOTION to accept the PSS and the external content in this project



MethodologyRTSS Update - Ron ParkerCarry forward

MethodologyExternal Content - Hugh GloverCarry forward

ManagementNext agendaRTSS update, external content

 Adjourned at 5:00 PM Eastern

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