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Ballot Document Name and Information
Document/Standard Name:HL7 FHIR® Implementation Guide: Electronic Case Reporting (eCR), Release 2
Ballot Code:TBA (Probably: FHIR_IG_eCR_R1_D2_2021JAN )
Realm:Realm Specific: US
Backwards Compatible:
Internally/Externally Developed:Internally Developed Document/Standard
Ballot Level
Requested Ballot Level:STU
Standard Ballot Open Date:11/12/2020
Standard Ballot Close Date:11/01/2021
Work Group Information
Sponsoring Work Group:Public Heath
Project Insight Project ID:1366
Confirmation of Work Group Approval:Public Health (15 Oct 2020 Approve: xx, Abstain: xx, Opposed: xx)
Primary Work Group Contact:Sarah Gaunt
NIB Form Submitted By:PHWG co-chair
Publishing Facilitator:Sarah Gaunt (
Other Sponsoring TCs and SIGs:Structured Documents
Additional Vote,, 
Document Description/Changes
Description of Ballot Document:The FHIR Implementation Guide (IG) specifies a US Realm FHIR electronic Case Reporting (eCR) implementation guide. It will profile FHIR data and transaction specifications for electronic initial case report (eICR), Reportability Response and trigger code / business logic distribution with FHIR resources. 
Major Changes Since Last Ballot:STU comments will be addressed; align with new errata release of US Core; update guidance and narrative descriptions, update pregnancy profiles, add blank question/answer capabilities for unknown questions in future outbreaks, add space for reportable condition from Reportability Response, add solution for EHR data entered in error, update some cardinalities, add disability element, add other requested elements, restructure eRSD triggering action, specify CQL library, add jurisdiction code system
ANSI-Required Information
The following information is required by ANSI for all ballots.
Project NeedeCR can support timely case data, support disease and condition monitoring, assist outbreak management, and improve relevant information delivery to clinicians. With the advent of FHIR standards, eCR will also need appropriate FHIR resources, transactions, and implementation guidance to support this process. FHIR also offers opportunities to supplement eICR data and improve the ease of implementation and consistency of the automated triggering of eICRs and the decision logic. 
Briefly explain the reason behind the need for this project. This may be related to legislative requirements, industry need, or similar justifications.
Other Referenced StandardsNone
Does this document include text from an ISO or IEC standard? If so, please cite those standards here.
Unit of MeasureNot Applicable 
As required by ANSI, if measurements are introduced in this standards document, what is the measurement type from the choices available?
StakeholdersEHR Vendors, Standards Development Organizations, Healthcare Institutions, Clinical Providers, Local and State Public Health Agencies 
Identified stakeholders. For example, pharmaceutical, healthcare, etc.
Consumer Product IndicationNo  
Is this a consumer product?
Ballot Reconciliation Reminder
Intent to Complete Reconciliation Activities:Yes
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