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Brian Postlethwaite (Telstra Health) 5am-6am AEST chair

Cooper Thompson  (Epic) 2pm Central US

Alex de Leon (Kaiser Permanente) 12pm Pacific US scribe

Ivan Zapreev (Philips Research) 9pm CET Europe

Irma Jongeneel HL7 Netherlands 9pm CET Europe

Key Upcoming Dates:

  • 2020-11 FHIR DevDays Conference Amsterdam
  • 2021-01 HL7 WGM Henderson Nevada (virtual)


  1. Social interaction: Each participant to share a positive moment/thought in these concerning times
  2. HL7 v2 Gender Harmony Implementation Guide
  3. Retrospective on September Virtual WGM: 
    1. what went well?
    2. what didn't go well?
    3. what can we do better?
    4. anything to follow up with?
  4. Tracker Items

Meeting Minutes

The Gender Harmony project is starting to consider writing an implementation guide for v2 and considering if a new project proposal is required.

The core FHIR specification has a section in Patient that covers many of these issues.

A new concept is being considered to augment/replace Legal Sex as that ones definition is very unclear.

Vocab is the current project sponsor of the Gender harmony project, with PA being a co-sponsor.

As there is already a project with Vocab, they should review the scope of that project and see if it already, and potentially vary the project to include this, and request a new project output, the v2 guide.

Review on the virtual WGM continued.

The presentation that provided "branding" for the PA group and better planning to ensure that the Agenda was better filled in would be beneficial too, including what we wanted to achieve during the session.

The sessions in review seem to stay in discussion mode, and didn't appear to get to an outcome, so maybe a suggestion is to try and determine what the outcome should be so that we can conclude more topics.

One of the draw backs we identified was also that quiet people don't get to provide their input, and as co-chairs we can't easily spot them. Non verbal communications is lost.

The SANER project sponsoring workgroup is Public Health, so they should be the workgroup that is putting the IG to ballot.

  • Alex de Leon to follow up and ensure that it isn't recorded as PA  

This transfer was approved in the PA call on 29 July 2020

Brian will chase up others in the Action Items and try to reduce these down to which ones are current.

The Contact Detail on Organization, considering using a datatype.

FHIR-29035 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Future Agenda Topics:


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