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Scribe: Robin Isgett  


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Pat TaylorPDex / CARIN Personas
  • 3 months ago, PIE approved a document intended to document the decisions and processes behind the scene that payers follow related to the specific technical transactions covered in the IG
  • CMS provided feedback that these personas are outside the scope of the CMS rule, and that different payers have different business processes, and as such should be separated from the technical guidance on the transaction constructions.

Motion (Moved: Pat Taylor / Seconded: Bob Dieterle):
- Recommendation from PIE regarding JIRA ticket FHIR-26798, pending agreement from concerned commenters:
1) Update the content to address the concerns raised in comments
2) Store the Personas document on confluence or in some other referenceable content storage location
3) Add a section in both IGs called Implementer Information with a link to this content
- Add language around context/disclaimer information for the link to the Personas document

Motion Passed: 19/0/2

Adjourned 3:27pm EDT

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