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Step 1: Please enter the information needed for others to test against your capabilities.  If you don't have that, type "n/a" in the cell.

RoleEndpoint URL Example Patient DataOther Connectivity information needed

1. Patient Data Endpoint (FHIR)

2. CDS Hooks Launch
3. CDS Hooks CDS Service

4. SMART on FHIR App
5. Questionnaire / CQL repository

6. CQL Execution (if necessary)n/an/a
7. PAS Claim Submit Endpoint

High level success criteria we'll be fine tuning for testing. 

  1. Can you reach the end point?
  2. Can you retrieve the data on the end point? (Questionnaire/ CQL)
  3. Can your DTR application successfully render the questionnaire and execute the CQL to fill it out?
  4. Can you submit the questionnaire response?
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