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Bob D
  • PSS for Payer Uniformity
  • PDex update
  • LOINC Relma/HL7 CDA R2 Attachments IG
  • PSS for Payer Uniformity approved by FM as primary sponsor.  Asking PIE to be co-sponsor.  Bob went through the PSS document which is to standardize elements for prior auth.  There was a discussion regarding additional workgroups, such as FHIR.  Lunn asked about 278 X12.  Bob said 278 prior auth already mapped in FHIR.  This PSS is within the EHR.  Rachel asked where the LOINC codes fit in.  Bob said that this is about clinical in the EHR that already includes LOINC.  Christol made motion that PIE act as co-sponsor.  Rachel seconded the motion.  In further discussion, Russ and Lenel asked about the name.  Bob and workgroup agreed that the PSS name could be changed to "Uniform Structure and Coding of Elements for Prior Authorization".  No objections to PIE as co-sponsor.  Jamie and Swapna, from Regenstrief, abstained.  VOTE:  17-0-2.
  • PDex update - See PDEX slides.    Russ asked about provenance, existing or new.  Creating 2 FHIR profiles with new extensions.  See slides 14 and 15.  There was a question regarding Oauth and CDS Hooks which changes payer to payer.
  • LOINC Relma/HL7 CDA R2 Attachments IG - No discussion, BOB had to leave at 3:00.

SwapnaLOINC HIPAA tab and RelmaNo discussion, Swapna had to leave at 3:00.
RussDental FHIR IG ballot reconciliation

CDA - ballot reconciliation

FHIR - outstanding 3 resources conditions, observations and risk assessment.

Monday 10/05/20 meeting cancelled because of X12 virtual conference.

Open Floor
No discussion
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WGM Updates

US Realm Updates:

  • USCSI release schedule
  • US Realm profiles vs US CORE
  • Must support enhancement/extension

New US Realm/HL7 Contract

 Adjourned at 3:11 PM EST

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