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Facilitator:Andrew Statler



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10:00am ET

  1. Call to order 
  2. Call for Attendance

  3. IPS and Non-US use of CDA

    1. General briefing about IPS IG Specs
      1. IPS & C-CDA Template comparisons
      2. Co-maint. of IPS CDA & FHIR  IGs
    2. Other uses of CDA


  1. IPS and Non-US use of CDA

    1. General briefing about IPS IG Specs  - Lisa Nelson / Giorgioli Cangioli
      1. IPS & C-CDA Template comparisons
        1. The CDA MG has been working on review of the IPS and C-CDA.  Lisa summarized the work that took place in the CDA MG. A narrow scope was defined and by identifying a limited set of templates (7).  
          1. A number of insights have been obtained, and the final product will be a white paper. There are currently over 16 WGs that have created CDA IGs. The current plan calls for the project to end on 2023, based on the 3 year plan established by CDA MG.
          2. An alignment framework diagram what shared, and the needs, and benefits. 
          3. The project is working with FM to progress on the Payer Section. The medication modeling for IPS was based on the modeling that was available when the STU was published at that time.
      2. Co-maint. of IPS CDA & FHIR  IGs - Giorgioli Cangioli
        1. IPS is an extract to be used outside a specific country.  It is not the European Standard (eHDSI Patient Summary).
          1. The IPS is defined as a Universal Realm.  The IPS is conceived as a document,
          2. A proof of concept task was to look at the Problem Observation templates in IPS and C-CDA.  Giorgioli summarized the differences between the templates in both documents for Problem Observation. Lisa asked if the vocabularies used for the Status of the Problem in both models were the same?  Yes, and the same in FHIR.  Unknown i.e. nullflavors - are not used in IPS.  Lisa mentions that C-CDA might be able to move away from nullflavors in the next major update.
          3. CDA and FHIR alignment should come from a common meta model representation.  The possibility on removing the concern act was considered.
      3. Overview use of International Use of CDA- Lisa and Giorgioli will take the question about moving the work completed in this analysis into HL7 International.
    2. Other uses of CDA
      1. How do we find out what and where CDA is being used throughout the world. IHE connectathon might have some information on implementations.
      2. There are several products that from various realms HL7 Affiliates that could be referenced. The vendor community might be a place to check on what is happening in the various markets. Having a CDA registry is the only real way to make it happen.
      3. Other used of CDA - Graham shared some analysis on IGs that are online and how they can be compared.
      4. The group discussed with Alex the idea of supporting a transform from Art Decor to FHIR tooling.
      5. There should be co-maintenance between HL7 IPS and other implementations of exchange in operation.



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