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Date:  2020-09-23

Quarter:  1000-1130 

Chair:  Bryn Rhodes

Scribe:  Robert Jenders

Joint Meeting:  CDS WG hosting CQI WG, CIMI & SANER Project representatives



  • QI-Core
  • QI-Core errata
  • Feedback from the SANER project on Measure/MeasureReport
  • Consider candidates for promotion from the Quality Measure IG and Data Exchange for Quality Measures IG


(Corresponding CQI WG minutes

  1. QI Core
    1. Bryn Rhodes reviewed its status.  It's currently published as STU4 as part of FHIR R4 (  
    2. The WGs discussed various next steps including creation of specialized views, tooling and submissions for inclusion in US CDI v2 terminology (and the process for the latter). 
    3. The consensus was that Observation generally should be the focus in the near term for inclusion in US CDI.  A wide-ranging conversation, discussing various aspects of new features of the US CDI, including how to handle instruments/questionnaires.  The consensus was that we would be unable to propose anything new in the current round but that we should plan for future version.
    4. Proposal:  Set up at least a quarterly meeting to discuss these issues, hosted by QI-Core.
  2. SANER Project Feedback on Measure/MeasureReport
    1. Keith Boone reviewed the SANER == Situation Awareness for Novel Epidemic Response project and how this work relates to the Measure and MeasureReport FHIR resources.
    2. As a wide-ranging gap analysis, the WGs discussed how epidemic data capture instruments and their individual items (e.g. number of clinical resources such as ventilators) relate to current FHIR resources without concluding any specific edits or proposals but generating ideas for FHIR tracker items related to these resources.
    3. Part of the discussion centered on providing concepts to be able to search for measure reports applicable to specific populations or capacity, recognizing that a common use of epidemic response measures is to allocate clinical resources.