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Discussion items


vocab co-chair call has moved from every other Tuesday at 9:00 am EDT to every other Monday at 9:00 am EDT

R4B / R5

Priorities  (Concept Map, Code System (including fragments), Value Set profiles, extensions, updates to core, Naming System, ticket resolution)


Action items


After reviewing the Zulip announcement, it was not clear that the timing is not clear. LM responded that FMG wanted the information by the end of this week.

Rob M. there is a set of things that have a lot of traction. Does vocab need anything to be in R4B. 

What are the requirements for something to be in R4B?

R4B Scope: regulatory or urgent drivers that cannot wait until R5 (which is slotted for Q2 2022).

Ted: is adding a code value to a normative value set used with extensible binding to an element with a code data type

Rob M: is adding a code to a code system where there are value sets that are "all codes from a code system" with a xxxxx binding

Ted: adding codes to code systems, required for infrastructure (e.g. UTG) processing

Rob M: there should be releases of vocabulary - in order for this to be clear, we need to update the code system and not impact any value sets that are defined as all codes in the code system. 

Rob H: we need to pull out exactly what we need to add to what code systems and present to FMG. 

Ted: we need a downloadable list of ballot bound vocabulary. Not available yet. 

Rob M: sounds like a task force. 


UTG focused. Codes & extensions. Subset of team get together and create a definitive list of items and define the process to make it work. 

  • Ted and Rob H. - meet this week and get this rolling 

Rob M: Vocab is overwhelmed with UTG issues. Management group should be created. 

Ted: we should handle UTG like we manage the IG publisher (which is managed by FMG)

Reuben: given all the hard work put into ConceptMap and it was reduced in maturity down to 1, to see this resource make some headway, he suggests strongly that this become R4B. 

Rob H: his opinion is that this would not happen in R4B.  He has discussed this in various Zulip chats.

Reuben: this should be brought to FMG. He is meeting with them this week. Rob H. would like to join. FMG has not yet had the opportunity to explain opposition to ConceptMap being included in R4B.

Rob H./Rob M.  - most of the resources planned for R4B are new - additions to R4. 

Rob M: confirming that the plan is to replace the low maturity level ConceptMap in R4 with the changes in ConceptMap already in the R4B build (still at a maturity level).  

Rob H and Reuben will be on the same page before the FMG meeting. 

Task force 

  1. Assigned at main WG call 10/1/2020
  2. Instructions for implementers 
  3. Policy statement refinement to incorporate info suggested here:  Sept 2020 - Virtual HL7 WGM - Monday 1PM Minutes

  1. policy on code system uris (Rob M. leading, Carmela, Reuben)   6:00 EDT 
  2. instructions for implementers - Caroline Macumber  leading - need to confirm calls have been scheduled (Ted, Rob H. Mary Kay, Reuben, Peter Jordan, Frank M.). 
    1. Carol is working on scheduling this meeting. 

COKA Email (with subject line = (vocab) Code System Development Protocol (sent 9/19/2020 from

Any action items for Vocab?

Rob M.This team is working on a paper that will describe the use of a protocol on how to build a code system. The link for the protocol is in the email. Rob M. is working with this team. There is an active team. This will be one part of a JBI special communication. Not an HL7 informative doc. Vocab co-chairs are encouraged to review the protocol and comment. 

GlossaryRob M. Carmela

Rob isn't going to put this on the TSC agenda until we have a statement. There isn't anyone clamoring for a glossary. Vocab could create a Confluence page with the content agreed to by Vocab as part of the official project. Community members could add to the glossary - we could act as curators. We have to address the issue of the existing, older, not updated in a long time, HL7 glossary.

Carmela to write up a proposal for action items, review with team. 

Ted: this should be a fellows recommendation - a task force should work on the best way to do this and present to the TSC.  

SKMT is difficult to use. 

Harsh Sharma has decided to resign. Co-chair planning. Reuben

Reuben told Harsh that he should contact HQ. Does Vocab need another co-chair? There are not any outstanding projects looking for a leader - although if the glossary rises to the top we might. We should take stock of how we are managing the workload. Attendees decided that we would not contact another person and offer the opportunity to join the co-chairs. 

The GOM doesn't describe this situation. Reuben will contact HQ.

Rob M. moves that Vocab not fill the vacancy that Harsh's resignation will generate. Request that this position be removed from the Vocab work group.

Ted K: seconds

Vote:  Abstain:   0    Against:  0     For:  4 

Co-chair planning - reinstate?

Ted proposes that after each WGM, the following co-chair call agenda will cover this topic. 

Rob M: there should be a co-chair call at the end of the WGM. 

UTG R2 Zulip thread - discussed at 10/1/2020 main WG call.Reuben

Limitation in IG builder around including SNOMED CT, RxNorm and LOINC are not represented on systems/external. 

Ted (history): original policy for creating code system stubs for all external code systems creates a conflict when the builder finds something in UTG and in FHIR core. 

Rob H: this is a temporary thing hopefully as it breaks the build 

Reuben: will start a Zulip thread on this topic. 

Reuben: will also start a Zulip thread regarding the rendering of extensions

Action items

  • Carmela A. Couderc change co-chair call schedule from Tuesday to Monday  (be careful) (delete old series and add a new one) 
  • Carmela A. Couderc  create a glossary page, draft text for Rob M. to bring to TSC
  • Reuben Daniels contact HQ and withdraw the vocab co-chair position 
  • Reuben Daniels  start 2 Zulip threads related to UTG:  code systems in UTG that break the build (snomed, rxnorm, loinc) AND one regarding the rendering of extensions
  •  Reuben Daniels Robert HausamPrepare for FMG call to present ConcepMap & R4B
  • Robert Hausam   Ted Klein   Prepare UTG code system update list and extensions for R4B