Date: Monday 9/21/2020

Time: Noon-1:30pm

OO Hosted CQI, CDS, and CIMI

Agenda brought forward by CQI

  • DeviceUseStatement, Implantable versus non-Implantable Devices FHIR-26636

  • DiagnosticReport versus Observation for retrieve queries (eCQMs and CDS)

  • SmokingStatus (issued Vs effectiveTime) FHIR-28090 (Note - US Core issue but seeking OO input)

Meeting Minutes

Next STEPS from OO minutes:

  • Have decision about when to use diagnosticReport and observation
  • How to deal with structured elements still open
  • Need to find a time for a call = OO Co-Chairs to do: Schedule during OO on FHIR call on Tuesdays 2 – 3 PM EDT
    • Need CDS, CIMI, CG, CQI, US Core

Action Items

  • None