Facilitator:  Durwin Day Russell Ott Christol Green

Scribe: Robin Isgett  


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Management Minutes Approval 9/1/2020Approve by consensus
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The WHOVA app and ZOOM will be used for the virtual meeting.  The WHOVA app is like an event planner and will be used for messaging during the meeting.  If you do not have CHROME, then it is best to attend via ZOOM.  Mary Kay took out quarters for the FM agenda and used times instead.  Christol made updates to the agenda to include joint meetings with FM.  Added "coverage" discussion for FHIR R5 and "extensions" for FHIR R4.  Mary Ann Boyle will send the link to WHOVA app to use during virtual WG meeting.

See WG Conference agenda.
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 Adjourned at 2:59 PM EST

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