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To be done-s:

  • Hans to get Robert Worden's validation output to clean-up mapping spreadsheets.

Issues (in absence of JIRA) requiring discussion:

IssueLink to spreadsheetSort Order number / Element IdentifierProposalSubmitter Name
narrative textURL to the Google spreadsheet or IG pageBoth are relevant to includenarrative text, links, or otherwise.
File/Batch Header/Footers

Question about VXU examples with Header/Footer. In AIRA software these are essentially ignored. Would the hope be that they would be translated? I don't think so, but just want to confirm. Nathan Bunker

HL7 v2 allows for indicating that a patient is multiple birth and which birth order position they are independently. But FHIR only allows for reporting for one or the other. When I did the mapping I assumed that if the multiple birth was set to "N" then multiple birth should just be left blank. But in the other demonstration the multipleBirth was indicated as 1. My naive assumption was that '1' would indicate this patient was the first of more than one birth. In immunization systems we use this flag to determine if special care should be taken for a multiple birth. Looking at the base resource I was not confident what '1' is really indicating. Nathan Bunker
Immunization Manufacturer

For the Vaccination resource I looked at mapping the manufacturer, but realized it was more complicated. I would need to create a reference to an Organization resource. The other example also did not do this part. This is an area that needs more research and discussion to make sure the mapping is done correctly. Manufacturer is important for immunizations. Nathan Bunker
Immunization Refusals

The vaccination messages can include refusals, which don't directly map across. Need to look at this some more and discuss. Nathan Bunker