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Chair:  @Maria Moen Jan Oldenburg

Scribe: @Jan Oldenburg 

NOTE: This attendance applies if you are present at the related meeting/call, regardless if you have signed a different attendance for your WG. 





Jan Oldenburg


Maria Moen

Victoria Lukondi

Laura Bright

The group began by reviewing the resources that we need to include in our scan and adding a few others. We added:

  • The Paradigm Implementation Guidance White Paper
  • ISO/IEEE 11073 Nomenclature for Personal Medical Device Communication
  • The PACIO Group’s work
  • The Gravity Project’s work
  • The Provenance Implementation Group
  • Cross-Paradigm Implementation Guidance for Medical Device Data Sharing with Enterprise Health Systems
  • The HL7 and IHE Care Plans
  • EMDI out of CMS. (Electronic Medical Documentation Interoperability)

We went through and assigned reviewers to each of the documents.

The URL for being able to access our tracking document with editing privileges is:

We also discussed a few other items:

  • Patient’s rights to medical images that are held by the medical system but aren’t in the EHR. It appears that the interpretations are included in the list of FHIR resources but the images themselves aren’t. Similarly, it isn’t clear whether there is a right for patients to send in images—whether a picture they take themselves or an image they got from another provider. Virginia will take researching this on as a task. Images don’t appear to be listed in the USCDI.
  • This discussion on images brought up other questions about how complete the USCDI and the list of FHIR resources are from the patient’s standpoint.
  • Jan will ask John Sharp about any PCHA materials on PGHD

We also discussed co-sponsorship of our group. The Community-Based Care and Privacy group would like to be a co-sponsor. Virginia also reached out to all 7 sponsors of the Patient Care group and no one responded. Virginia educated us about how best to plan for having co-sponsors. Maria and Jan will discuss. We update them as infrequently as every working meeting.

At the HL7 Working group meeting, Laura and Virginia will be present. Maria is considering it and Jan is on vacation. We need to discuss how best to manage the meeting but continued the discussion to the next meeting as we ran out of time.

Supporting Documents

Outline Reference

Supporting Document

Google Doc with research