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8/31 Birds of a Feather

FHIR Registry

registry.fhir.org new FHIR registry introduces FHIR packages for quick start implementation.

Management HL7 WG PIE AgendaMaryAnn Boyle sent an E-mail stating that the agenda times were for 2 AM and 4AM and should be changed to PM.  Co-chairs to verify times with FM, Da Vinci and Carin to set up IG guide walkthroughs.  Durwin with reach out to Carin and Christol will reach out to PDex.  Russ stated that since PIE does not have any international members, time blocks in the agenda with be 10-6 US time.  Tony Benson gave an overview of CDex changes.  He stated that Loyd went over a diagram that explains when to use messaging task, communications, .etc.  Also talked about HRrex common health record.  Rachel stated that it foundational for CDex and PDex.
LenelCARIN BB assistance?Lenel was unable to join the meeting.
Open Floor

wg health

Add: PDEX, CARIN review

to WG meeting

new HL7 supp guide for ballot

old stu, to re-ballot, and ACP to publish

Laurie suggested that even if outreach to CDA is not received, to move forward with publishing guides since the industry needs guidance in a timely manner to prepare for the CMS/ONC rules.

 Adjourned at 3:07 PM EST

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