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Discussion items

Project overviewCarmela

VSDP Open Ticket Review

  • plans to resolve, block votes, etc. 
  • We reviewed the following tickets and they are marked as "ready for vote" - will be in next block vote. 
  • FHIR-22664 - Getting issue details... STATUS   Clarify the purpose and source of ValueSet.version and ValueSet.status when compose is not present (naked expansion)
  • FHIR-28116 - Getting issue details... STATUS   ValueSet.compose.include.valueSet Exttension - Title
  • FHIR-28119 - Getting issue details... STATUS  ValueSet extension valueset-systemName - update description to include VSD alignment (note we changed course and are suggesting a new extension and deprecating the existing

For discussion at the next tracker call (8/27/2020)

  • FHIR-27828 - Getting issue details... STATUS    valueset-expression, datatype expression, language.code and bcp13
  • FHIR-14672 - Getting issue details... STATUS descriptions are inconsistent and unclear 

With the next block vote and resolution of tickets above, all VSDP related tickets are complete.  There are 7 tickets currently qualifying in the query named Vocab: VSDPReadyForVote. Robert Hausamwill you be putting the block vote together? 

Must Review - confirm/review  earlier decisionDidn't get to this item - just wanted to review the decision. 
  • Anything with a cardinality of 1 must be persisted with fidelity and included if the value set is sent to another receiver
  • Additional elements will be added as the IG and profile is drafted

Next Steps
  • Draft IG
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines Value Set Profile alignment

Action items