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MondaySep 21

17:00 - 19:00 (ET)

07:00-09:00+1 (AEST)

23:00-01:00 (Europe)

Project Status Reports:


CTS2 reaffirmation



LC to contact CDS re CDS2 status.

CDS - Bryn Rhodes to join SOA 5:30 ET Tuesday.

LC - ordering service Feb 2020 informative ballot reconciled and awaiting completion of the document (patrick)

Heath Service Provider Directory has been deleted from ANSI and HL7 as expired

CTS2 - PSS passed Steering Division passed vote bur co-chairs to move to TSC. LC to contacted Ann re progress at TSC by evote - plan to ballot in January.

MBTS - Ballot reconciliation complete. Final doc to be submitted shortly. KL to  present to SD. 

KL to complete publication request and evote later in WGM

Uptake by Deloitte - FHIR interface to a MBTS instance for a Health information exchange.


Health Service Reference Architecture (HSRA)


SL - Presentation of current status of HSRA work. Standards catalogue is near complete. Library of service patterns is started but will not be complete prior to planned January ballot. Ron Parker working for VA on similar work - to be invited to present on relevance to interoperability work. 

SL - will update current work to SOA Confluence.

LC - HL7 can now publish models, to work with SL to get this up on Confluence (S3 file storage)

Ballot in Jan as STU - NIB to be submitted by Nov 1 (VM to action with Lyn)

Motion:  SOA approves submission of an STU NIB for HSRA at the Jan 2021 ballot and request change of name to HIRA (Healthcare Interoperability Reference Architecture)

Proposed LC, seconded JG

Vote: 7/0/0

Need to clarify form for ballot (web vs PDF) - LC to work with SL

Proposed dedicated HSRA call for 6 weeks post WGM at 17:00 ET on Tuesdays

DayDateTime (ET)
TuesdaySep 22

17:00 - 19:00 (ET)

07:00-09:00+1 (AEST)

23:00-01:00 (Europe)

Consent Service

(1) Platform Independent Service Model

(2) Report from FHIR Connectathon stream

3. Bryn Rhodes on CDS Service and CDS Hooks



Join Security call 17:00

SOA to start at 17:30 with CDS feedback

CDS Hooks passed ballot in Sept 2020 - 5 hooks defined but only patient view hook has maturity level 4 (others level 1). CDS Hooks spec has now been combined with the CDS Service.

CDS Service V1 superceded by CDS Service V2 which passed normative ballot last year but SOA was not a co-sponsor as it was for CDS Service V1. However, CDS group may not maintain this as a separate service. There may be interest in transferring maintenance to SOA of CDS hooks V2. Bryn will discuss with CDS and let us know.

PSS for FHIR FAIR project

Georgio Cangioli presented FAIR principles for interoperability of data. PSS presented and discussed.

  • Intent is to have ArB and FHIR-I as co-sponsors with a SOA lead.
  • Will be developed in cooperation with RDA but all materials will be copyright HL7 alone.
  • Universal realm

Motion: SOA approves primary sponsorship of the FAIR FHIR PSS with a recommendation that FMG suggest the ballot process.

Proposed LB, SL

Vote: 9/0/0

WednesdaySep 23

No meeting

DayDateTime (ET)
ThursdaySep 24

17:00 - 19:00 (ET)

07:00-09:00+1 (AEST)

23:00-01:00 (Europe)

BPM+ Report back - LC

17:30 VA work on SOA interoperability and relationship to HSRA (RP)


Presentation by Lorraine and Ken of BPM+ background, current workgroups and progress/new work since the BPM+ day at the Sydney HL7 meeting.

Organisational playbook started

Advanced directives and Consent management discussion starting in next few weeks

18:00 ET CDS Join to discuss CDS Service(s)

WG Health

3 year plan update

FridaySep 25

No meeting