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How do I report new mCODE issues or feature requests?


All mCODE FHIR IG specification-related issues are entered in the HL7 Jira site.

Step-by-step guide: submitting your first issue or feature request

  1. If you don't have a HL7 Jira account, first you must request one here:
  2. Check the existing mCODE issues to make sure you aren't submitting a duplicate.
    1. Note that all HL7 projects share the same Jira site. To filter to just mCODE issues, you must set the specification to mCODE's, which can be done with the JQL query project = FHIR AND Specification ~ "mcode". You can also use this pre-made filter that shows only mCODE issues.
  3. If you want to submit an issue:
    1. Click "Create" on Jira (or click here)
    2. Choose "FHIR Specification Feedback (FHIR)" for the project
    3. Select the issue type (documentation)
    4. Click "Next" and fill in the form on the subsequent page.

Screenshot of the HL7 JIRA page including the mCODE filter.

Example new form for creating an issue:

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