Facilitator:  Durwin Day Russell Ott Christol Green

Scribe: Robin Isgett    


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Management Minutes Approval 7/28Approved by consensus
RussProject Health Update

We are working with HL7 HQ Dave and Anne W closing some of our projects.  Still outstanding,

the HL7 CDA R2 Attachment IG Laurie will speak on this below.

RussApproval for Dental IGs to go to ballot

Dental IGs- Jean will make motion to move, Greg  seconded to move to ballot the Project HL7 CDA R2 Implementation Guide: Dental Data Exchange,

Release 1 - and US Realm HL7 FHIR® Implementation Guide: Dental Data Exchange, Release 1 - US Realm.  No discussion, no abstention

VOTE:  9-0-0

DurwinHIPAA Tab and VSACSwapna on add  HIPAA Tab codes VSAC.  Add HIPAA tab to LOINC FHIR terminology site.  Invite Swapna to Sept WG meeting and add LOINC discussion to agenda.

HL7 CDA R2 Attachment Implementation Guide:

Exchange of C-CDA Based Documents, Release 1.1

Laurie could not attend.  Gail suggested a change to implementers in the PSS and Mary Lynn agreed. Changed 1) BCBSA - Blue Association to Blue Cross/Blue Shield Companies and  
2) esMD - CMS Electronic Submission of Medical Documents replaced with National Government Services (NGS)
Mary Lynn motioned and Jean seconded to approve PSS.  No discussion, no abstension

VOTE:  10-0-0

ChristolSept HL7 WGM PIE 9/21 -25, 2020Reviewed draft agenda which will be updated as we move closer to WHM.  Add LOINC discussion.  Pencil in Dental for ballot reconciliation.  Add DA Vinci update on one of the FM joint meetings.See updated agenda
Open floor

 Adjourned at 3:10 PM EST

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