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Knowledge Base - mCODEJoshua ProciousOct 04, 2020
How were the mCODE 1.0 contents scoped?Caroline PotteigerSep 23, 2020
Can you mix ICD-10-CM and ICD-O-3 codes in a cancer condition?Max MasnickSep 23, 2020
How were the PrimaryCancerCondition diagnoses codes determined?Caroline PotteigerSep 23, 2020
Why did mCODE use MedicationStatement instead of MedicationRequest?Caroline PotteigerSep 23, 2020
What is the advantage of defining abstract profiles?Caroline PotteigerSep 23, 2020
What standards were considered in mCODE modeling?Caroline PotteigerSep 23, 2020
How do I report new mCODE issues or feature requests?Caroline PotteigerSep 23, 2020
What was used to track comments and decisions prior to ballot?Caroline PotteigerSep 23, 2020
Where is the payer perspective represented in mCODE?Caroline PotteigerSep 23, 2020
Why was HistologyMorphologyBehavior modeled as one concept?Caroline PotteigerSep 23, 2020
Can mCODE represent two distinct pieces of data on a HistologyMorphology result?Max MasnickSep 16, 2020
How is metastatic recurrence captured?Caroline PotteigerAug 14, 2020
Does mCODE support ISCN nomenclature?Caroline PotteigerAug 14, 2020
Difference between Tumor Marker Test and Genomics profiles?May TerryAug 13, 2020

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