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July 31st, 2020 


3:00pm - 3:45pm ET


ACS CAN → Mark Fleury, Devon Adams, Kelly Durden 

MITRE → Salim Semy, Jennifer Holmes, Zach Lister, Rob Dingwell, Caroline Potteiger

Cancer Insights → Sharon Alford, Tarun Kumar 

Action items

  • Kelly → touch base with Robin about connection with the Grady Health System.  
  • Sharon → make the introduction between ZS Associates and this team. 
  • Caroline Potteiger → send Confluence permission information to the team.
  • All → brainstorm tasks for each Phase 1a bucket and send to Caroline. 

Discussion notes in blueDecisions in greenAction items in red.

Planned Agenda Topics

  • <Hold for hot topics from project team>
    • Mark will be out next week. 
  • Engagement Update
    • Epic – very interested, seemed willing to partner if we identify a health center for Phase 1
      • Epic can give feedback on the health center and if they have the ability to work well in this project.
      • For the grant ACS CAN is applying to, an ideal partner health system would be in a redline area. 
        • The Grady Health System in Atlanta is one they are looking at. They use Epic and ACS CAN has a lot of projects with them. 
        • Kelly will touch base with Robin to see where the connections with Grady are and if they're willing to partner if offered some money. 
      • Caroline will be sending out a list of health systems we are talking with to Epic. Leave Grady off the list for now, until contact is made on our end first. 
      • The fact that Epic is willing to partner on this use case is a compelling point for health systems to become involved.
      • As we iterate on the minimal eligibility criteria, Epic could add it to their system. 
    • TrialJectory – meeting scheduled for August 13th  
    • Massive Bio – willing to provide a handful of patient records, has to look into de-identification process more  
      • Seline offered to reach out to St. Charles. 
    • CitiusTech - has expressed interest
    • Elsevier - has expressed interest 
      • Elsevier has the ViaOncology Pathways tool and is looking at ways to bring matching capabilities into the tool. This could include a branch in the pathway for when it is time to start looking for clinical trials. 
      • They are discussing internally about this project.
      • Would act similar to an EHR.
    • Other updates? 
      • Flatiron - reached out to Mark and wants to learn more.
        • MITRE has been interacting with them on the Pathways and Prior Auth use cases. Make sure everyone is kept in the loop. 
      • Cancer Support Community - reached out and spoke to Mark.
        • They are an advocation group. Not a great fit at this time, no immediate next steps. 
      • NCI - expressed interest in learning more and would act as a matching service partner. 
        • However, NCI matching would only focus on NCI sponsored trials. 
      • BeTheMatch - couldn't find bandwidth to work on this project this year.  
      • UCSF - Elly, Adam, and Lisa will be speaking about a UCSF partnership in August. 
      • ZS Associates - Cancer Insights has worked with them. Sharon will make an introduction and see if there is an intersection between their work and ours.   
  • Phase 0 update
    • Mike gave us more administrative access, last step is to label the trials 
    • Add more trials? 
  • Phase 1 update
    • Planning in progress 
    • Caroline to showcase Private Confluence page as a way to collaborate 
      • Looks good for now. Caroline to send permission information to everyone so they can experiment with Confluence. 
  • Proposed tasks for Phase 1a 
    • Tarun and Caroline came up with some "buckets" of tasks for Phase 1a and a few sub-tasks under each bucket 
    • Review and add tasks? 
    • 1A Protocol and Pilot Process
      • Draft study protocol and IRB submission 
      • Process of de-identification 
      • Plan out recruitment of patients – Mark to help?
        • Create a 1-pager targeted towards patients?  
        • Are patients needed for this phase? Or just data?  
          • If it's just data, all we need is access.  
          • Option 1 - Cancer Insights patients can get their data and share it with us.
            • Would need a waiver of consent from the IRB to share this data. Must be de-identified. 
            • Problem is that patients are giving us data, but we're not really giving much back. 
          • Option 2 - find sources of existing data. 
            • may have data we can use.  
            • Ciitizen - could be a source of data. Mark has spoken to them.
              • MITRE has also had discussions with Anil Sethi when this project was just beginning. We could revisit this. 
          • Option 3 - find volunteers willing to share data.
            • ACS CAN has a lot of volunteers who would most likely be willing to share data.
            • However, to use ACS CAN's name, there would be many internal hoops to jump through, which would take a lot of time.  
      • Plan out onboarding of patients 
      • Generate mCODE records for these patients 
    • PCT Technical Readiness for 1A
      • ?
    • Cancer Insights Integration 
      • Map Cancer Insights data model to generate mCODE 
      • Address gaps using FHIR Questionnaire 
      • Create an agnostic interface 
      • Integration with PCT component
    • Standards Documentation 
      • Adjust documentation to be more trial matching service agnostic and patient portal agnostic 
      • Develop a FHIR Implementation Guide for mCODE-enabling matching services
    • mCODE-enable Matching Services Suggestion: We may roll it into PCT Technical Readiness for 1A
      • Create Sandbox 
      • Map matching service to mCODE

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