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MondaySep 2112:00 PM - 1:45 PM (EDT) (UTC-5)

Session 1

Monday Q2

Additional IG content/documentation

Work on examples 


BF avail 2nd half only

MondaySep 212:00 PM - 3:45 PM (EDT) (UTC-5)

Session 2

Monday Q3

  1. S4G (first)
  2. Family History (Grant)?
  3. examples (cont)


BF avail 1st half only

  • eMerge -
    • no new updates
    • might be worthwhile to review issues previously reported
  • (moved mCode to Wed Session 6)
MondaySep 214:00 PM - 6:00 PM (EDT) (UTC-5)


Monday Q4

Joint session with FHIR-I

15 minute summary presentation and 15 minutes of discussion time on specific work group issues

  • FHIR-I Points
    • Improve FHIR build tooling (separate branch to main build)
      • R4B release
      • R5 ballot
    • FMM levels for resources
    • 'Must Support' in IGs
  • CG Discussion points:
    • MolecularSequence - alignment with IG / clean up
    • IG - STU2 ballot in Jan 2021
    • MolSeq + IG alignment with emerging IM model
    • R4B request - cleanup of 'genomics guidance' page?
    • Guidance for WGs that were maintaining IGs via spreadsheets?
    • "Compare Profiles" - how to learn if an instance is compatible with multiple profiles. How to ensure that a profile can be compatible with multiple other profiles?  Tooling seems broken.
    • New Resources - Is this the process?

  • CG members should relate FHIR issues that are important to resolve
  • Could be a prelude to tooling discussion
  • Can we confirm what time slot will we be presenting? - Jamie will try to find out
TuesdaySep 2210:00 AM - 11:45 PM (EDT) (UTC-5)

Session 3

Tuesday Q1

Joint session with O&O

TuesdaySep 2212:00 PM - 1:45 PM (EDT) (UTC-5)

Session 4

Tuesday Q2

Jira review


Liz / Rachel

FHIR-27748 - Getting issue details... STATUS

FHIR-27747 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Kevin (discuss what the 'genomics guidance' page should/should not contain)
FHIR-27159 - Getting issue details... STATUS

FHIR-16402 - Getting issue details... STATUS
TuesdaySep 222:00 PM - 3:45 PM (EDT) (UTC-5)

Session 5

Tuesday Q3

  1. mCode (May T)
  2. Tooling
    1. IG creation/publishing


WednesdaySep 2310:00 AM - 11:45 PM (EDT) (UTC-5)

Session 6

Wed Q1

  1. Jira review (cont)


FHIR-16402 - Getting issue details... STATUS

FHIR-27864 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • LOINC / "TBD code" reconcilliation
WednesdaySep 2312:00 PM - 1:45 PM (EDT) (UTC-5)

Session 7

Wed Q2

IM summary/work

Bob FKevin
  • overview of where we are
  • update on recent modeling
  • roadmap - priority
    • laundry list of what we can do
  • technical approach to implement into FHIR IG
  • GA4GH alignment
WednesdaySep 232:00 PM - 3:45 PM (EDT) (UTC-5)

Session 8

Wed Q3

  1. Wrap up
  2. Additional IG content/documentation
  3. Work on examples

JamieBob F

KP avail 1st half only

Other Proposed Topics

  • Build Examples
    • Arthur - look at whole IG, examples, identify what needs to be updated
      • focusing on variant right now
      • standard genetic test data
      • interested in retrospective reports
      • will provide examples of their needs
    • Anand (Clinical Architecture) - wholehearted agreement in need for examples
    • Bret - can we work through an example during one session?
    • Jamie - can put through an example of something that has been figured out
    • Arthur - review v2 LRI genetics examples - can we convert each to FHIR without losing information?
  • May - work through what's already there (Jamie's work with spreadsheet)
    • Jamie agrees
    • Preparation needed - Jamie will lead, topic for Mondays
    • Anand - wants to be involved
    • JD Nolan - would like this to be on Monday of the WGM
  • * Existing JIRA review
    • Kevin (from zulip) - I know the meeting is going on, but while I am on my conflict call, but for WGM topics, don't forget we can/should do a review of pending JIRAs. Discuss resolution, and perhaps even vote on some
    • Jamie - finish work on implication (current Jira tickets)
  • * External Efforts
    • Jamie - have a session on mCode or another external effort?
    • *Arthur - update on eMerge?
    • Jamie - Sync 4 Genes?
  • * Modeling
    • Arthur - need a session on IM at WGM and implications on the IG
  • * Additional IG topics
    • May - continue discussion with Swapna( with LOINC - need to contact for availability
      • Clem - need proposed changes to submit to LOINC
      • May - need to create the proposal
      • Need to have it ready before WGM as strawman proposal to vote on or change
      • Clem - Swapna has no opinion on what should be proposed
      • perhaps use a call between now and WGM to work on proposal
      • Clem - need loinc codes and answer lists, if new loinc codes then we need definitions
      • Patrick - need some kind of preparation of WGM
        • chat
        • summarize current state
        • identify gaps, and decisions that are needed
    • Patrick - interested in order entry, what does it mean to order a panel. Need examples. Need guidance.
      • Bob - need to provide specific guidance around ServiceRequst codes and DR codes.
  • Tooling
    • May - revisit tooling, delve into IG authoring tool options
      • right now we're editing SDs
  • Additional content / documentation
    • Bret - can we record the intro session?
    • Jamie - can create more slides for intro/teaching. We created some for DevDays
    • Patrick - need to update those slides


  1. Is it possible to move the Weds 10-12 session to another time? I would like to be there for the mCODE/IG Tooling discussion but it conflict with CIC "Everything Cancer-Related Session" (2020 September Plenary Virtual Agenda)

    1. Mark Kramer  - Let us know when you are open, and we will discuss in our first session today about moving it.