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Terminology owner/maintenance organisation

Name, contact details, website

Maintaining Organization – Canada Health Infoway


Toronto Office

150 King Street West, Suite 1300 Toronto, Ontario M5H 1J9

map of location
Tel.: (416) 979-4606
Toll Free: 1-888-733-6462

Formal name of the code system

Standards Collaborative Healthcare Provider Types

Short name or abbreviation of the code system name

Technical identifier/s for the code system 

OID: 2.16.840.1.113883.
Canonical URL:

Scope/domain statement for the code system

(Official or from HTA)

Canada Health Infoway Inc. (Infoway) has created the SC code systems (SCPQUAL, SCPTEMP, SCPTYPE) (the "SC Code Systems") to address local requirements in Canada. Infoway maintains the copyright on these code systems.

SCPTYPE is used to encode and categorize an entity that delivers health care in an expected and professional manner to an entity in need of health care services. Examples: Registered Nurse, Chiropractor, Physician, Custodial Care Clinic. Allows for the implementation of role-based access to clinical functions and data. Provisioning of clinical services is based on the role that a provider may play in the health system.

Link to information about the code system - including how to obtain the content

Arrangement or agreements with HL7 for use of content

Version management - timing and identification of versions

New versions are created as per stakeholder requirements and formal requests. 

Versions are identified by release date using the YYYYMMDD date format

IP Information and Licensing Information

Infoway manages access to the CodeSystem by users accepting the following agreement(s): 

HL7 users of this information - which HL7 products use this link (if known)


Process to request content change

For information on requesting new codes, pleases contact  Canada Health Infoway email:

Other useful Information

Information current as at (date)

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  1. Caroline Macumber Ted Klein , I have filled in the CodeSystem templates for SCPQUAL, SCPTYPE and SCTEMP.  Please advise. Thank you

  2. Joel Francis , Thanks! Can you provide a little more descriptive information as to what scope, content etc... covered by these code systems? Once this is complete, HTA will communicate that this information has been registered with HTA on the Zulip Implementer and Terminology streams, soliciting feedback and/or questions. If you want there to be a "Using SC Codesystems on FHIR" page, you would arrange for that through Vocab with Reuben Daniels / Robert Hausam

    1. Thanks for the feedback Caroline Macumber. I have update the definitions of all 3 CodeSystems. Once approved by the HTA, I will request Jessica Bota to open a ticket for us as we did with the pCLOCD.

  3. FYI...I have created a ticket already -  UP-90 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    Jessica Bota Ted Klein

    1. Great, thanks Joel Francis .  I think you created the proposed changes needed last time (for the pCLOCD update) so I'm guessing you will also be able to complete them for this ticket. Please reach out if you run into any problems, have questions, or have any feedback about the process or documentation.