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Subcommittee Lead: Jessica Bota 

Supporting TSMG Co-Chair: Reuben Daniels 


Tuesday 9:00-10:00PM UTC

Tuesday 4:00-5:00PM USA ET

Wednesday 7:00-8:00AM AEST

Wednesday 10:00-11:00AM NZDT   

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Apelon, Inc.
MPNational Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
HL7 International
HL7 Germany

Klein Consulting
OPHL7 International
OPCanada Health Infoway
National Library of Medicine
OPAbdullah Rafiqi 

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Minutes Approved as Presented 


This is to approve minutes via general consent. "You have received the minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes? (pause) Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."

Agenda Topics

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Agenda Outline

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Agenda Item
  • Rollcall & Proxies
  • Note that meetings are recorded
  • Approval of meeting minutes
  • THO v3.1.0 release available as of 2/25
  • Sprint 2 of UTG Jira development items is in progress, focusing on release tracking
    • Scheduling meeting for mid March to define release tracking requirements
    • Scheduled kickoff call with Lawrence to get started with Jira automation development
      • Priorities are automating creation of branch and cloning, as well as automating commit and push after editing changes
Subcommittee Work in Progress40JB
  • THO release schedule
    • Need input from TSC/HQ and they have requested some information from TSMG on documentation and level of effort 
      • Release process is documented in Section D on Curator Processing of Proposals
      • Release can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks
        • Release is very dependent on the IG Publisher
        • Terminology Curator has not been able to perform a release without assistance from Grahame due to issues popping up with tooling
  • THO post-release cleanup
    • Need policy for cleaning up THO branches (created to commit content changes via UTG process)
    • Suggest removing branches from 1.0.0 and 2.0.0 releases at minimum: 
    • Consideration for later: Need a policy for old proposals because branches will become very outdated and cause issues for both submitters and the Terminology Curator due to large number of merge conflicts over time
    • This would break Published Example links in the UTG proposals
    • LN: Concerns that this is a manual process
    • MD: Release process requires downloading entire repo and so size can be a factor
      • Ask Grahame if possible to make publisher not publish those branches, but reverse them if we need them published
      • MD will look more into the pros and cons of both sides
    • RV: Might be better to keep them then breaking the links
  • Vocab suggests that TSMG require all code systems to have a Steward
    • UTG submitters would need to get WG approval from the Steward to propose changes to the code system
    • Discussed on last week's main TSMG call but no one wanted to make a motion to make this a policy
    • Reuben suggested there may need to be a better description of what a Steward is / what that entails before crafting a policy statement. When there is a proposal for the definition, this issue would be brought back to this group. 
    • From codesystem.steward: Usually an organization but may be an individual. The publisher (or steward) of the code system is the organization or individual primarily responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the code system. This is not necessarily the same individual or organization that developed and initially authored the content. The publisher is the primary point of contact for questions or issues with the code system. This item SHOULD be populated unless the information is available from context.
      • LN: Publisher is more of a practical role, such as maintaining convenience copies and may or may not be the steward.
      • MF: Points out that this also applies to external code systems
      • LN: Steward implies domain expertise/knowledge and publisher is putting the information out there for use, not necessarily understanding it
      • JH: Vocab could be Steward initially and as we get requests we can update the Steward, then update Steward as part of the changes to be done
      • MD: If we use a default value, make it clear that the WG defined is actually responsible or just a default value
  • Add missing Value Sets for cda-core-2.0
    • LN: These are value sets with no underlying code system. Where can we get them from? They might be in the base spec
    • Lisa is going to look into this further and bring to SD
    • Probably need to make a corresponding code system
    • May be able to clarify that they are active value sets used by CDA and previously used as a V3 concept domain but are now considered retired in V3 via the <definition>
    • Probably want them only on CDA tabs
  • Workflow process for use of internal code system identifiers in FHIR and beyond 
    • Need to determine what kind of content should/should not be added to THO (i.e. if used in a balloted IG)
    • See UTG & THO Subcommittee for related resources
      • LN: For USCDI, once things are mature then those value sets should be in THO. Also an issue with duplication causing things not to align.
  • Task force recommendation review and implementation (voting, quorums, WG health, etc.): UTG Task Force Recommendations to TSC 
    • Tracked by HSCR-155 - Getting issue details... STATUS and its subtasks
    • Outreach subcommittee reviewed draft to Management Groups and is approved to be sent
    • Next Steps
      • Send email draft to Management Groups for Product Family OSGs
      • Ask Rob and Peter for help recruiting for Realm-Based OSG
      • Ask TSMG main call for Vocab/TSMG members for the Vocab OSG
      • TSC clarification
        • Need to ask for clarification for ad hoc OSGs and how OSGs may change but membership does not automatically refresh on tickets already in Consensus Review
        • Expectations for when members of an OSG need to change
 Adjournment0 JBCall adjourned at 5:00PM EST. Next call in one week at 4:00PM EST March 8, 2022.

Supporting Documents

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Minute Approval2022-02-22 UTG/THO Subcommittee Agenda and Minutes


  • Jessica Bota Invite Marc to automation kickoff call

  • Jessica Bota Send information about THO release process to Rob and Brynn
  • Jessica Bota Send out email to Management Groups for OSGs
  • Jessica Bota Send email to Rob/Peter for filling Realm-Based OSG