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Subcommittee Lead: Jessica Bota 

Supporting TSMG Co-Chair: Reuben Daniels 


Tuesday 9:00-10:00PM UTC

Tuesday 4:00-5:00PM USA ET

Wednesday 7:00-8:00AM AEST

Wednesday10:00-11:00AM NZDT   

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M - TSMG Member

O -Observer / Guest


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A - Apologies

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Apelon, Inc.
MPNational Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
HL7 International
HL7 Germany


Klein Consulting
OPHL7 International
OPCanada Health Infoway
National Library of Medicine

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Minutes Approved as Presented 


This is to approve minutes via general consent. "You have received the minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes? (pause) Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."

Agenda Topics

Meeting was recorded

Agenda Outline

Time Allocation


Agenda Item
  • Rollcall & Proxies
  • Note that meetings are recorded
  • Approval of meeting minutes


  • Started adding to UTG & THO Subcommittee Policies and Processes page
    • Review and see what else should be added 
  • To be scheduled: Separate session to go through UTG process with those interested (and record)
  • The CI build will freeze on 2/20 (i.e. no more proposals will be processed) with release of THO v3.1.0 to kick off shortly thereafter
    • Grahame is looking into resolving ~400 warnings prior to this release (discussion occurring on Zulip)
    • Fixed issues with IG publisher update, but no update on resolving the warnings
  • Working on UTG Task Force recommendations
  • Sprint 2 of UTG Jira development items is in progress, focusing on release tracking
    • Still need to carve out time to work on this
  • Funding secured to help with automating some of the Jira workflow steps
    • Ted meeting with new resource, Lawrence, to determine areas that can be automated to ease burden on submitters
  • Defining requirements for a web-based UTG Editor
  • THO work in progress
    • List all resources by <title>: UP-277 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • I'm not sure this is possible anymore
      • Look at the all code system file vs. the others for example, it may be doable
      • Need Grahame or Lloyd to clarify, Rob believes it does not exist
    • Add Identifier Systems from FHIR to THO: UP-285 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Identifier Systems have been created in a branch, other cleanup work included
      • Discussed Lloyd's comment about enumerating all of the country passport codes
      • Must respond to him about OID issue
      • Suggest due to time constraints we can deal with them later
      • Ted, Reuben, and Jess to discuss adding history entries
    • Handle external content in "All Code Systems" tab
    • Moving "Using X with FHIR" pages
      • Good progress, table and links work
      • Need decision from Grahame and Vocab about Using SNOMED CT with FHIR that includes a link to another page that should likely be ballot bound. It documents all parts of the FHIR spec that use SNOMED. Need to find a new place to link it from.
        • The 'Defined Externally' page will link to THO so we can add a statement there
      • Will move ICD pages in and browsable and then will likely be updated later. We will discuss on this week's Vocab call
Subcommittee Work in Progress40JB
  • THO release schedule
    • Update from discussion on main call
      • Bryn suggested to TSC three releases a year with flexibility to release at any time
      • There are concerns that HL7 doesn't have the resources to commit to the number of releases
      • TSC needs additional understanding about tasks and the process for publishing a THO release
      • Most of it is documentation and will be followed for the 3.1.0 release
      • Release takes about 3 days (i.e., waiting for builds), heads down time is about 8 hours
        • Very dependent on the IG Publisher, has taken up to 2.5 weeks in the past
      • Suggestion not to release if not enough changes have been implemented in the CI
      • THO is changing functionally with each release and is hard to release, that makes it hard to estimate freeze dates
      • Bring up concerns on tomorrow's main call, this involves TSC and HQ
      • Will be easier to create a schedule once UTG/THO is more stable, then can focus on consistent/reliable delivery
    • Discuss best way to align with ballot cycle
      • Build freeze dates
      • TSMG approval dates
    • Content deadlines
      • May 2022 - March 27, 2022
      • September 2022 - August 7, 2022
      • January 2023 - December 6, 2022
  • Workflow process for use of internal code system identifiers in FHIR and beyond
  • Task force recommendation review and implementation (voting, quorums, WG health, etc.): UTG Task Force Recommendations to TSC
    • Tracked by HSCR-155 - Getting issue details... STATUS and its subtasks
    • Next Steps
      • Move forward with plan to request that Management Groups provide at least one person to be part of an OSG for the Product Family OSGs
        • Draft email provided to TSMG Outreach Subcommittee for review
        • Lisa provided feedback that even after relaxing requirements there just aren't enough people to do the work, although it is important
        • Perhaps the new implementation division should be involved in this issue
      • Ask Rob and Peter for help recruiting for Realm-Based OSG
      • Ask TSMG main call for Vocab/TSMG members for the Vocab OSG
      • TSC clarification
        • Need to ask for clarification for ad hoc OSGs (separate request) and how OSGs may change but membership does not automatically refresh on tickets already in Consensus Review
        • Expectations for when members of an OSG need to change
 Adjournment0 JBCall adjourned at 5:00PM EST. Next call in one week at 4:00PM EST February 22, 2022.

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Minute Approval2022-02-08 UTG/THO Subcommittee Agenda and Minutes