Policy / Process NameDescriptionVersionAuthorsDateLinked ArtefactsNotes
THO Release ScheduleNeed to determine dates for freezes and THO release publications. There is a push to tie THO releases to ballot cycles. N/A
Should also discuss best way to announce freezes and releases to community.
THO Post-Release CleanupThe THO/UTG subcommittee recommends a policy that UTG GitHub branches be removed that have been implemented prior to the current and previous releases of THO and that all BitBucket branches will be kept as backupN/ATSMG3/9/20222022-03-09 TSMG Agenda and Minutes
Workflow process for use of internal code system identifiers in FHIR and beyondA task force dedicated to use of internal code system identifiers has submitted a suggested policy for IG authoring and maintenance in regards to internal code system identifiers and content. Need to review the suggested workflow and set policy.N/ACarmela Couderc (Vocab WG) led the task force1/26/2022

Guidance for the use of HL7 Vocabulary in Implementation Guide Authoring and Maintenance

Basic Principles for Identifiers via 2022-01-14 Meeting Notes


Workflow process for use of internal code system identifiers in FHIR and beyond (this is not finalized)

Webinar/BoF Draft Outline


Not official policy, needs to be reviewed by TSMG.

Need to determine if ballot content must be added to THO, and if so, provide the documentation and means to do so. 

UTG/THO Versioning PolicyThe Code System versioning policy was approved by the Vocab WG in mid-2020, but progress stalled on completing versioning policies for other THO artifacts.N/AVocab WG07/2020Documented Execution of UTG Versioning

The Code System versioning policy was approved by Vocab prior to the existence of TSMG. 

Needs to be determined if Vocab is responsible for completing the versioning policies for other THO artifacts, such as Value Sets and Naming Systems

UTG Sponsor Requirement PolicyAs an interim measure pending TSMG establishing policies on stewards, in order for a UTG change request to be submitted, there must be one or more sponsors documented in the ticket for that change request. Additionally there needs to be a link to the minutes of one or more of the sponsors, documenting the approval of the change request. One of the change request sponsors must be an HL7 WG or the TSMG.N/ATSMG2/9/20222022-02-09 TSMG Agenda and Minutes

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