Chair:  Chris Shawn 

Scribe:   Jessica Banks 


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Chris Shawn (Co-Chair)

Liz Oppenheim (Co-Chair)Mitre
Grey Faulkenberry (Co-Chair)MayJuun
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Mohammad Jafari (Co-Chair)Cognitive Medical Systems
Lizz Olson (Co-Chair)Atrium Health
Ken SalyardsHHS/ACF
Joanna ThurstonHHS/ACF
Jessica BanksGoldbelt
Jasmine StewartGoldbelt
Sheetal ShahEMI Advisors
Karen BertodattiEMI Advisors
Emma JonesEMI Advisors
Demri ToopEMI Advisors
Gay DolinNamaste Informatics
Kerry BeckmanVA

Guests: 22

  • Brenda Akinnagbe, ONC
  • Brett Andriesen, ONC
  • Brian D. Handspicker IX$HS Chair
  • Cathy Richardson, International Health Terminology Standards Development (SNOMED)
  • Cody Johansen, Unite Us
  • Courtney Baldridge, USAging
  • Danyale Jenkins, VA
  • Denise Joseph, ONC
  • Eric Jahn, Bitfocus
  • Joe Bormel, Cognitive Medical Systems
  • John Manning, MayJuun
  • John Ritter EHR WG Co-chair, Healthcare Standards Architect
  • Karen Bishop
  • Kathryn Lucia, The New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC)
  • Kristine I McCoy# MD# MPH
  • Luigi Leblanc, Zane Networks
  • Lynne Olney, Alliance for Better Health
  • Matt Bishop, Open City Labs
  • Rita Torkzadeh
  • Ruby Nash, Lantana
  • Seth Blumenthal, American Medical Association

Agenda Topics


Agenda Item


Decisions / Actions

1Welcome and Quorum

Quorum = 2 co-chairs and 2 guests

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2Agenda Review

Chris Reviewed Session Agenda


Minutes Approval

2022-01-27 HSSWG Agenda/Minutes
  • Decision: Approved by general consensus
  • Meeting Minutes from the previous meeting was shared with the listserv ahead of the meeting.

Brian D. Handspicker Direct Trust Information Exchange for Human Services

  • 2nd meeting this past week; reviewed and approved the mission: identify and interpret existing standards in were needed develop new standards policies profiles use cases best practices. to facilitate information sharing between and among health and human/social service providers and promotion of person centered care
  • Looking to identify opportunities to further extend the work that we are all doing in various standards bodies into the human services world

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May WGM Schedule Chris Reviewed May WGM Meeting schedule for HSS WG


HSS WG Overview

Chris reviewed the background, areas of focus, and coordination with other WGs and projects.


Potential Projects

Referrals Open Discussion

  • Kenneth Salyards facilitated conversation around what FHIR based directory structures available and what's being used in the community.
  • Matt Bishop (Open City Labs) - What is publicly available?  FHIR based directory Plan Net and Validated Healthcare Directory, National Directory and other non FHIR based resources. working with NJ InCK to build FHIR compliant directory
  • Seth Blumenthal (AMA)- AuntBertha, UniteUs, not sure to what degree use FHIR. Gravity SDoH 
  • Courtney Baldridge (USAging) - Being mindful in the field that agencies use their own directories, platforms, and systems alignment that may be mandated at the state level and not being shared with social health referral platform, creating significant gap
  • Kenneth Salyards Is there a FHIR directory structure for referrals?
    • BSCR Bi Directional Services - Unsure of degree of implementation and future work, not a directory it is referral, discussion of work resuming, uses base resource Service Request.  Focuses on a limited set of chronic health conditions and wellness vs. Gravity broad, extensible multi-domain, extended to new domains, similar resources across IGs
  • Gay Dolin  - Requested Links to project and FHIR IG's in chat
  • Matt Bishop Where are gaps that aren't covered by existing standards? Ken Salyards - TBD have to determine what is already done, what's there, missing. Ex. May be a need to see how a referral can be done, IG as a result. Identify needs we have, prior resources available, anything missing from resource, and then answer the need in the specific domain. Opportunity for assessments to get more focus for better results. Administrative burden vs. human component, standardization can assist with workflows and data exchange. Gravity assessments focus on identification of needs not necessarily requirements
  • Courtney Baldridge - Focus on third question- How are these things being used by the Community Providers or not being used, what is the capacity to use the tools, the gap of meeting the reality on the ground. Alignment won't be automatic.  "Nationally standardized tools that they don't go quite far enough for person centered care and complex care needs." Person centered care can't be lost in the standardization efforts and the capacity to use "ground game" knowledge. Address the disconnects, making sure that there is representation and seats at the table from the people on the ground.  What are the appropriate hand offs that leads to best person centered outcomes with complex needs/care clients, and who need to be involved in the conversation? Ex. "a Ride in Ohio vs Florida with 2 different price points", standards in Gravity needs to align with other data sets in the field
  • Liz Oppenheim - Many community providers don't have systems to transfer data, Ex. issue of law mandated child welfare agencies to make referral IDA Part C programs for evaluation for young children, referral is made on paper/email, but never get info back to improve the plan for child and family, two way communication is necessary.
  • Kristine McCoy - Assessment Issues Conversations w/ Behavioral Health and Child Welfare, value in sharing protected information with one sector to another, not just a referral, shouldn't be stopped at the referral, but the exchange of information. 

Project Sponsorship - Gay Dolin  spoke to the HL7 PSS requirements, details, and links. HL7 validates the standards implemented in a tool, not necessarily the tool itself, example of a project. 


Action: review project links and FHIR IGs for reference

7Next Meeting

The next HSS WG public call is on February 24, 2022.

  • Demo Assessment Tools by Mike Relli NJ InCK
  • Review PSS process 

Next HSS WG public call: February 24, 2022

Meeting Adjourned: 4:01 pm ET