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Meeting Date

Meeting Coordinates


Agenda ReviewPL

Roll CallPL
  • Wayne Kubick
  • David Johnson
  • Patrick E. Loyd
  • Lorraine Constable
  • Chad Joyce
  • Tony Julian - R
  • Lloyd McKenzie
  • Ted Klein
  • Michael Kuhl
  • Review of JIRACon Deliverables and Countdown to Cologne
Webmaster's ReportDJ
  • Service Desk Removal - Service Desk will be updated when system upgraded.  Will be interesting to see what latest version adds.
  • Dev Env - Considering starting over with clean migration to newest version of Confluence, then using current production for Development Environment.  This is still a consideration.  Our backups are solid but it would be good to have this.
  • Confluence Version/Database Upgrade - Totally completed.  Database upgraded and we are now on latest version.
  • Phishing Alerts on emails - SPF updated to include EC2 IP addresses.
  • JIRA Upgrade - Next Tuesday Morning.  Reviewing release notes.  Looking good.
  • Odd Behavior Reported - Some Confluence users must be logged into JIRA to create Confluence pages.  Support ticket opened with Atlassian.  Issue verified with Joginder (On Zulip!)
  • How to use Confluence questions coming in - Some frustration with no documentation. 
UTG ProjectTK
  • Service desk templates? Will discuss with Michael on Monday
    • Two workflows, one each
      • JIRA Software, internal-ish
      • JIRA Core, most of the business side
  • Source of truth issues, initial change request tool
  • Couple of architecture issues/approaches, integration with JavaScript
Ballot ProjectLM
  • Creating users from gForge
  • Organizing JIRA instructions and training videos - Patrick to send out info
    • Patrick to talk to DJ re: space for HL7 training, howtos
  • Git project to store source, three repositories under the hl7.arm of git
    • not done yet
    • shared integration point
  • Training and Testing plan
    • comments from Lorraine and Patrick
  • Time tracking extension - do we need it? anyone using it?
    • Looking to remove that which we don't need and we're not using before JIRA upgrade
    • Need to create a user have logon credentials hardcoded for addons/plugins -
  • We need a policy/process re hardcoded users.
    • Lastpass for teams?
JIRACon ProjectPL
  • WG Boilerplate - Chad & Tony
    • JIRA tickets created for Chad
    • Will teleconference with Chad on Monday to ensure he has all the requirements, examples, etc. that he needs to move forward. Time is short.
    • countdown page created
  • Email notifications from confluence -
    • Turn off early next week, then work on relevant config
  • Set default space during creation - Patrick & DJ
  • Instructions - Patrick & DJ
  • Webinars - Patrick & Tony, Lloyd, Ted
  • Groups vs Roles - On agenda for next week mtg w/Michael and DJ
    • After that meeting, will be changes re: user permissions and groups as we determine how to implement


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