Facilitator:  Russell Ott

Scribe: Christol Green  


Bhanu Kancharlamanunani

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Management Minutes Approval 7/7Approved by consensus
ManagementHL7 Virtual Connectathon and 34th Annual Plenary & WGM | Registration is open

September 9-11, 2020 Because of your interest in HL7 FHIR and interoperability,

we are extending a special invitation for our next Virtual HL7 FHIR Connectathon

PIE WG Admin

1212 Project - HL7 Attachments Supp Guide for exchange of C-CDA base doc-IG DSTU r1

  1. Russ drafted updated PSS

1048 Project -HL7 IG for CDA r2 - supplement to the Consolidated CDA r2 for additional attachment templates r1 (Bob D)

  1. Consolidated CDA Additional Attachment Templates - Withdrawl - needs formal vote
  2. Need formal vote to Close Project

1536 Project - Dental Attachment Guide to combine (Russ/Jean)

  1. Need formal vote to Close Project

1389- ACP - not publishing as WEDI has published (Durwin) 

  1. Status of readiness of document to publish?

1048 Consolidated CDA additonal attachments temp - withdraw  Rachel F motioned and Laurie B second.  no discussion vote 14-0-0 need to close project.  Rachel F motioned and Laurie B second. no discussion vote 14-0-0 

1536 Project - need formal vote to close.  Dental combined guide.  Jean N motioned, Christol G second. no discussion vote 14-0-0

1389 ACP -Durwin will move this to go thru the publication process.  Discussion that we have link to WEDI for this guide. 

1212 Project HL7 Attachments Supp Guide for exchange of C-CDA. revised definition of project. updated PSS for Jan 2021 ballot.  Russ and Laurie will work on this and bring back next week


The Attachments control number discussion to use:  nullFlavor approach, and assigning authority.


or to include the inFulfillmentOf/order/code attribute

Rachel speaking to OID.  Shared OID will not work.  Does SDWG need to make a decision on this? NO     Russ said this will be resolved that SDWG is ok with approach of (inFullfilmentOf> <order> nullFlavor and assigning authority.

Ask of CARIN BB/FM  Ballot review changes to ballot document.  Susan Langford

Another meeting scheduled to discuss tool to be used to identify modifications.

Christol another meeting will be held to cover work needed to review this ballot. Susan L will help lead this work if we agree to assist with the ballot modfications that were not following the HL7 process and JIRA tickets.  Gramme G working on analysis tool
AllOpen Floor   Dental IG - Russ completing additional sample files and clean up Russ will send out for approval for ballot package in this call next week
 Adjourned at  3:36 ET

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