Date: 2020-07-23

Facilitator:  Anthony Julian

Note Taker: Anne Wizauer




Constable Consulting Inc.
xMayo Clinic
xParker Digital Health Computing 

xDuteau Design

Deontik Pty Ltd
xCigna Healthcare Services
RegretsBlue Wave Informatics




xMario Hyland
xAndy Stechishin

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MethodologyDetermine if we want to undertake a vitality assessment process

Would need to determine the scope of the assessment. 

Tony notes that there has been discussion about the TSC doing a vitality assessment. The question is does the ARB need to do a vitality assessment? Mario: Did Wayne weigh in on the issue? Tony reports that Wayne has had conflicts for calls lately. Ron: The question is are the governance constructs working.

MethodologyIntroduction of interoperable VA materialRon shares presentation about the i-VA blueprint and the project summary. ARB is being given the option of weighing in on the project. Ken Rubin could come and do a more involved presentation. Discussions ongoing on how to determine requirements and match those up with standards.

Management Next agenda

8/6: Jean's PSS/material

8/20: iVA discussion

Adjourned at 4:33 pm Eastern

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