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Attendees Present

Chair:  Paul Knapp
Scribe: Anne Wizauer


Calvin Beebe

Chris Chute

Lorraine Constable

Tony Julian

xPaul Knapp
xAustin Kreisler
xWayne Kubick
xThom Kuhn
xRik Smithies
xSandy Stuart
xLynn Laakso

  1. Agenda review
  2. Approve Minutes of 2020-07-08 SGB Agenda/Minutes
  3. Action Items
  4. Discussion Topics
    1. UTG Governance, continued 
    2. Review TSC comments on Proposed Rules - Lifetime of Standards?
    3. Final review of Standards Lifecycles - Draft 
  5. Parking Lot
    1. Create a plan for BAM guidance on process for product adoption/how are new products introduced
      1. How do we implement the BAM? SAIF
    2. Ownership of content/precept on coordination with domain committees 
      1. Issue is around products crossing multiple product families - who owns those?
        1. Draft Precept: The family of the wire format is the responsible family, and the management group of that family would manage it.
      2. Management group vitality assessment precept
    3. Communicating and enforcing precepts
    4. Need to take the old STU guidance document and turn it into precepts.
    5. Definition of specification - from 2019-04-24 SGB Agenda/Minutes
    6. Large group engagement for standards development

      1. risks/precepts

    7. Precept on mapping coordination - mappings should be a component of cross-family projects. How to represent mapping in a standardized way? 
    8. Precepts We Need to Develop - prioritize/analyze risk
    9. Ballot vs. non-ballot feedback - check on JIRA balloting alignment with policies


  1. Agenda review
    1. No additions
  2. Approve Minutes of 2020-07-08 SGB Agenda/Minutes
    1. Approved via general consent
  3. Discussion Topics
    1. Review TSC comments on Proposed Rules - Lifetime of Standards
      1. Reviewed e-vote comments. Jean raised an issue with the withdrawal process, that it's easier to just not hold a reaffirmation ballot. 
      2. Wayne: We need something to say it wasn't just an oversight. There should at least be a formal notice from HQ that a standard will be withdrawn. Should be a notification that it is expiring and then one final notice before it actually does.
      3. Austin: We're looking for a confirmation that their intention is to let it expire. If they fail to confirm their intention then it gets escalated to the TSC for a decision. Calvin: In the absence of WG action, it's heading down the path of withdrawal rather than being withdrawn automatically. Austin: Could have a WG health measure that if you let a standard lapse without any action, they're in the red for a cycle. Wayne: Maybe it's an action item for the WG in Confluence that they check a box that they want to let the standard lapse. 
      4. Discussed issue with CTS2 that Rob raised. 
      5. Austin states he would not recommend the TSC kicking this back to SGB. If there are no changes to the principles, TSC should make any edits they deem necessary and notify the SGB. 
    2. Terms
      1. Lorraine expires in September. Rik and Sandy expire in December. Calvin is technically a guest. 
        1. MOTION to recommend the reappointment of Lorraine and reinstate Calvin as a member of this group: Sandy/Thom
        2. VOTE: Calvin and Wayne abstain. Remaining in favor
    3. Discussion over SGB meetings for the September WGM. Will coordinate with ARB to see if they want a joint meeting on the Friday.
      1. Decision to do the first two time slots on Friday starting at 10:00
    4. UTG Governance, continued
      1. Paul thought individuals would sign up to review individual items, but actually when you sign up to be a reviewer, you can review anything in UTG. Austin: The design of UTG was to address the lack of attention observed in the harmonization process, and that problem actually seems to be accelerating. Calvin: Maybe we should think about a second set of enhancements that would improve UTG; some requirements for things that make sense based on experience. Sandy reports that the same four or five people are doing most of the review. Austin reports that he can't access the tools to participate because of employer security lockdown issues, and there are others in the same situation. Wayne will look into options. 
      2. Reviewed draft precepts
        1. Austin cautions against elaborate rules since participation is dwindling
        2. Adjusted draft precepts
        3. Next weeks: define steward groups
  4. Carry forward
    1. Final review of Standards Lifecycles - Draft 
  5. Adjourned at 11:05 am Eastern


DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Anne Wizauerto set up a separate Confluence page with JIRA balloting material and questions
Anne Wizauer2020-09-25 SGB WGM Agenda/Minutes
  • Anne Wizauer Precepts on balloting, documentation, GOM materials and multiple level ballots - pull over to confluence and put under balloting category
Anne Wizauer2020-09-16 SGB Agenda/Minutes
  • Lorraine Constableto forward JIRA balloting documentation links to the SGB list for review in advance of 9/9 call
Lorraine Constable2020-09-02 SGB Agenda/Minutes
  • Paul Knapp to send documentation to the cochairs of HTA and Vocabulary noting that we've drafted precepts on external terminologies and highlight questions on their currency document.
Paul Knapp2019-11-06 SGB Agenda/Minutes
Paul Knapp2019-09-20 SGB WGM Agenda/Minutes
Paul Knapp2019-09-20 SGB WGM Agenda/Minutes
Austin Kreisler2019-09-20 SGB WGM Agenda/Minutes
Lorraine Constable2019-09-20 SGB WGM Agenda/Minutes
  • ACTION: Paul Knapp will work on a grid with types of change/degree of review
Paul Knapp2019-05-22 SGB Agenda/Minutes
  • ACTION: Need to create precepts on stable identifiers for value sets, concept maps, and code systems
2019-01-18 SGB WGM
  • ACTION: Review proposed updates to the GOM, then determine how/where to represent SGB
2019-01-18 SGB WGM
  • Add Calvin's document on continuous maintenance and the decision to the SGB site.

2018-11-14 SGB Agenda/Minutes