CodeX data model is mCODE. When CodeX was launched, mCODE STU1 was the standard. In May 2021, mCODE STU2 was balloted and will be published in the fall of 2021.

New data elements, profiles and value sets have been added to mCODE (STU2). The CodeX Radiation Therapy Treatment Data (RTTD) use case team worked closely with the mCODE team to define domain specific elements and profiles supplementing mCODE. The RTTD additions are defined in a separate implementation guide and are not part of mCODE. It is possible in the future, that a new, use case specific data model may be necessary as well as a use case specific implementation guide, with mCODE as a dependency.

Anyone may enter a suggestion, comment or question about the data element/profile/value set proposals here.


mCODE STU2 was balloted in May 2021 and includes changes to radiation therapy, medication, genomics, co-morbidities, cancer staging and added profiles for tumor and tumor size.  A snapshot of mCODE STU2 data elements and profiles is recorded in this spreadsheet. mCODE STU2 will be used as a basis for further use case data analysis. A separate tab lists profiles and data elements included in the RTTD implementation guide. Upon opening in edit mode, you will notice that there are highlighted cells. View the Dashboard Key tab for information on how to interpret information on the 2.0 ElementsByUseCaseDashboard tab. 

The Gravity Accelerator has created a comprehensive explanation of the terminology development process which CodeX will reference and adapt to their specific requirements. For those interested in learning how a typical terminology development process works, review here:  Educational and Instructional Materials   Select Terminology Orientation.

 NAACCR Mapping

The CodeX team mapped mCODE 1.0 data elements to the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR) data dictionary.  The results of the mapping exercise are here:

Registry Reporting_ Compiled Data Element Mapping Analysis_July 2020.xlsx

Data Element Analysis - Tooling Requirements

The CodeX team has implemented a grid with feature/function similar to Excel to record the analysis work done related to enhancements to mCODE arising from CodeX use cases. A separate grid/Confluence page was created to record community comments and suggestions. A fit-for-purpose tool might be more robust in terms of usability, revision history, etc. The child page contains requirements under consideration

The Integrated Trial Matching for Cancer Patients and Providers Data Elements Page. 

The Trial Matching team has created a page describing the data elements used in the Trial Matching use case. This table lists common data elements used in trial matching and how the data elements map to mCODE. 

mCODE 1.0 Archive

Data Element Analysis - Priorities for Vendor Implementation

The spreadsheet below represents prioritization of mCODE 1.0 data elements to inform vendor implementations. As of October 6, 2021, mCODE 2.0 is not yet published. Once it has been, the vendor implementation prioritization will be re-evaluated. 


Use this spreadsheet to review mCODE STU1 data elements, and changes under consideration as a result of CodeX use case work, prior to mCODE STU2

  • mCODE Data Elements by Use Case 
  • Data elements under consideration for eventual addition to mCODE or as part of a CodeX IG
  • Profile updates under consideration for eventual changes to existing mCODE profiles or as part of a CodeX IG
  • Value Set updates under consideration for eventual changes to existing mCODE Value Sets or as part of a CodeX IG  

This slide deck was used to report the high level status of CodeX data element efforts as of November 2020. 202011_CodeX_DataElementStatus.pptx  Many of the items identified here have been incorporated into mCODE STU2. 

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