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  • Approve (minutes from previous meeting)


  • Lloyd McKenzie (chair)
  • (scribe)
  • Bas van den Heuvel
  • Bryn Rhodes
  • Emmanuel Helm
  • Jose Costa Teixeira
  • Oliver Krauss
  • Reinhard Egelkraut
  • Ricardo Quintano
  • Vassil Peytchev

Joined late

  • John Hatem

Minutes Approval

  • Motion to approve (minutes from previous meeting) Bryn/Reinhard: 4-0-4
  • John H. joins


  • FHIR-20825 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - No time to vote on prior call, but hope to deal with it this week's CDS call
  • Will put the mapping between BPMN and PlanDefinition in a separate page and provide a link from PlanDefinition
  • Emmanuel will try mapping an example between BPMN and PlanDefinition using the new approach
  • Bryn will define the extensions in the IG to define pools and allow linking actors to pools  FHIR-27922 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Consideration of whether a profile on Location with a mode of kind that could be linked to represent 'pool'
  • Challenge in that in healthcare, actors aren't necessarily location-bound.  There's no ability for a lane to span pools
    • Might be better to tie an activity to a location
  • Discussion about why Location has a mode of 'kind' given that the only element likely to be populated is Location.code.  Suggest changing ActivityDefinition.location to CodeableReference 0..* ( FHIR-27923 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
  • Add PlanDefinition.action.location with type CodeableReference 0..*  FHIR-27924 - Getting issue details... STATUS


3:00 Eastern