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Date: 20200702

Facilitator:  Anthony Julian

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XMayo Clinic
XUnited Healthcare
XKaiser Permanente
XVernetzt, LLC


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MethodologyTentative Block Vote 7 planned next call


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Minute Approval2020-06-25 InM WG Agenda/Minutes

mms Sandra Stuart  / Ulrike Merrick  3 -0 -0


1143Data Access Framework (DAF) FHIR ProfileClose Project/ Notify Jonathon
1530Abstract Transport Specification (ATS) update

Note this project has the issue that this is rendered in V3 tooling  that no longer works, so need to figure out our approach, besides handwriting this

Updated as follows:


Submit for Normative Ballot - Target: 2022 Jan Ballot

Complete Normative Reconciliation - Target: 2022  WGM

Submit Publication Request - Target: 2022 May

Receive ANSI Approval - Target: 2022 June

Project End Date (all objectives have been met) - Target: 2022 June

Project End 2023 Sept

1542Version 2 Quality Criteria (PSS in Confluence)

Update as follows:


Complete  Reconciliation - Target: 2021 Sep WGM

Submit Publication Request - Target: 2021 Oct WGM

Project End Date (all objectives have been met) - Target: 2022 Jan WGM

Next Milestone 2022 Sept. WGM/Ballot

Project end 2023 Jan WGM/Ballot

1392FHIRcast: Application Context Synchronization in FHIR

Sent note to Isaac Vetter

1265Data Access Framework (DAF) FHIR Implementation GuideClose Project/ Notify Jonathon

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