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Management Minutes Approval 6/23

Durwin/RussMember updates

Virtual sessions for Sept and Connectathon.  Even going forward they will have virtual sessions.  Still a fee for the Sept virtual session and connectathon.  What time for the meetings?  Still being worked out.  US vs Other Countries.

FM looked at time zones work group attendees are in for virtual meetings.

658 attended Connectathon in May.

PIE WG Health outstanding projects we are cleaning up is why we do not receive a gold star. Admin 6 wgs   3 good, 3 did not receive stars.

Durwin to ask Karen if we are having payer summit next year ?

RussSDWG on Attachment Control Numbers

Met with SDWG and use of OIDs.  We need to check with Linda Michelson on how this was handled with claims (via Coverage resource - payer section within CDA) for example member group number on card.   Laurie our attachment control number process is totally different.  Da Vinci has not discussed OIDs usage.  Lisa proposal SDWG alternate Identifier to add in CDA (business identifier). Could we possibly use

this new identifier Thurs 10am-12 ET SDWG. Lisa will request for 2hr begin this discussion. 11am ET.  Russ will also email Linda M with our OID question.


Not discussed last week - Discussion occurred with SDWG  last week (See above):

Attachment control number (solicited or unsolicited). InFullfilment of.  would like to keep control number for solicited and unsolicited instructions OID 2.16.840.1.113883.17.4 Provider Attachment  

Motion to approve all other changes within document - Motion Laurie second Gail, any discussion no. abstain zero  neg zero  approved 17-0-0 

Open Floor
Laurie thanked Lisa for Information around OIDs and new identifier
 Adjourned at 3:14

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