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Committee Approval Date:

FMG approval date Nov. 13, 2019,

Architectural Review Board approval date June 27, 2019,

Steering Division approval date Jan 02, 2020,

TSC approval date March 02, 2020

Publishing Lead:

Nathan Davis, CIMI

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups:


FHIR Development Project Insight ID:

Laboratory Models/Profile PSS ID 1539

Scope of coverage: 

The creation of FHIR profiles for the laboratory codes listed in the top 2k LOINC codes as well as their corresponding FHIR profiles and an implementation guide. We will also develop logical models and FHIR profiles for additional labs as resources permit.

Content location:

Proposed IG realm and code:

Realm: Universal 

Code: Laboratory

Maintenance Plan: 

All logical models, FHIR profiles, and the IG will be maintained by CIMI.  Terminology bindings and links will be reviewed and updated with each release.

Short Description:

General and specific laboratory logical models and FHIR profiles.

Long Description:

The creation of logical models that describe general laboratory models, such as quantitative, ordinal, coded, etc.  Also the creation of the specific logical models and FHIR profiles for the LOINC top 2000 codes.  

Involved parties:

CIMI, O&O, Logica, Intermountain Healthcare

Expected implementations:

Intermountain Healthcare

Content sources:

Intermountain Healthcare Clinical Element Models, LOINC, Open EHR ADL/BMM

Example Scenarios:

Description of a quantitative lab test, ordinal lab test, coded lab test, etc.  A point in time Potassium in serum or plasma.  A one hour, post administration of glucose solution, glucose test in serum.

IG Relationships: 

Further specification of US Core Laboratory Results profile.


  1. Develop the logical model (complete)
  2. Curate the needed terminology content with LOINC and SNOMED CT.
  3. Develop the FHIR profiles (first draft is complete)
  4. QA the FHIR profile with CIMI (ongoing)
  5. Develop the IG (IG website obtained from HL7)
  6. Connectathon (planning for Sept. 2020)
  7. Ballot Sept. 2020

FMG Notes