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Meeting occurred over Zoom 2-3PM CT

  • Laura Langford
  • Jim McClay
  • Samual Wang

1) Administrative:

  • Check on PSS votes
  • Member Webinar: HL7 Update - occurring after this meeting
  • NIB not due until Fall

2) DEEDS update and revision

  • last week we decided to export DEEDS data set from ART-DECOR and move to Excel.
  • The export routine does not work well so we exported to HTML and then cut and pasted subsets.
  • ART-DECOR data set
  • Discussion of inclusion of the Emergency Department Benchmarking Alliance (EDBA) definitions for time stamps and intervals.
    • Yiadom, M. Y., Napoli, A., Granovsky, M., Parker, R. B., Pilgrim, R., Pines, J. M., ... & Welch, S. (2020). Managing and Measuring Emergency Department Care: Results of the Fourth Emergency Department Benchmarking Definitions Summit. Academic Emergency Medicine.

    • Agreed to include in DEEDS to the extent possible
    • May need to be a subproject
  • Moved operations concepts (timestamps and intervals) to their own category.

3) Follow up

  • Samual will finish spreadsheet conversion of current concepts
  • Jim will follow up with EDBA on current activiites

4) Meeting schedule for July still not clear.