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Jargon is great! 

Saves time.  Makes sure only those who have been "initiated" can follow the conversation.  Provides a rite-of-passage into geek club.  Etc.  

Hopefully the term / phrase descriptions below + abbreviation legend will help lower the barrier to entry ... at least a bit!  

SDPi+FHIR Abbreviations

DASDistributed Alert SystemSee IEC 60601-1-8
DISDistributed Information SystemSee IEC 60601-1-8
DoFDevices on FHIR - HL7 FHIR projects focused on profiling FHIR for application to device informaticsSee Projects: FHIR
DPIDevice Point-of-care Interoperability – IHE Devices sub-group designation<link to IHE DEV DPI wiki>
FHIRFast Healthcare Interoperability Resources – General purpose resource-based health information exchange standards typically using RESTful architectureSee & 
IHEIntegrating the Healthcare Enterprise – An international standards “profiling” organization (ISO/TC 215 Liaison A)See 
JWG7Joint Working Group between ISO/TC 215 & IEC/SC 62A – Home of the SES family of standardsSee  ISO/TC 215 and IEC/SC 62A
MDCMedical Device Communications. The series title for the IEEE 11073 series of stnadards
MDIMedical Device Interoperability – General label covering entire subject areaSee discussion in IHE SDPi White Paper
MHMobile HealthSee Paper: SES Remote Connected Care and Mobile Health for related discussion.
QRLQuality / Regulatory / Legal liability stakeholder communitiesSee  Paper: SES MDI for related discussion
RCCRemote Connected CareSee Paper: SES Remote Connected Care and Mobile Health for related discussion.
SDCService-oriented Device Connectivity – Family of ISO/IEEE/CEN 11073 device interoperability standards (see TC215 WG2)See materials below in Presentations/Papers/Articles
SDPiService-oriented Device Point-of-care Interoperability – IHE Devices profiles using SDC & FHIR (and HL7 V2 …)See Projects: SDPi
SESSafety, Effectiveness & Security – A handy way to refer to the JWG7 focus and family of standardsSee related discussions at Hanging Gardens Framework and Paper: SES MDI
SOAService-Oriented Architecture
SOMDAService-Oriented Medical Device Architecture - SOA architecture for plug-and-trust interoperable medical technologies defined in ISO/IEEE 11073-20701
SOMDSService-Oriented Medical Device  System - A distributed collection of systems / products that are integrated using a SOA as defined in ISO/IEEE 11073-20702.




x73Short form sometimes used for IEEE 11073 standards
DIMDomain Information Model. The framework information model
PoCDPoint-of-Care Device.

Personal Health Device.














HRFHuman Readable Form. In UDI, the contents of the barcode rendered into a more human-readable form, with the different elements of the content separated out and labelled with numeric codes for, e.g. serial number, manufacture date, etc.

Sample Array


NBPNoninvasive Blood Pressure




In addition to the acronyms above, the following "terms of art" or phrases are often used in the SES MDI / SDPi+FHIR discussions:

Term / PhraseMeaningReferences
DecoupledIn SDC, indicates a set of SOMDS PARTICIPANT system products that are independently developed ("decopuled") and can establish trust when integrated into a SOMDS.
Point of Care DeviceA regulated medical device used in the vicinity of the patient in acute care, by qualified professionals
Personal Health DeviceMost often a device used outside a medical setting, as for example in the home, by the patient for health tracking.
Plug-and-TrustTurn on plug-and-play MDI where the components needed for establishing "trust" between decoupled products can be established at the point of connection to an SOMDS.

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  1. Please use the Standards Knowledge Repository and don't create yet another Glossary. HL7 and IHE along with all the other JIT have agreed to this glossary.

  2. John - your point is fine - is great and we have (1) no intention of creating something that substitutes for or conflicts with it, and (2) we would be fine with linking to the appropriate skmt entry where one exists, and, as we have before, we will use the IHE process for maintaining glossary entries in common over IHE which includes passing published ones in due course to HOWEVER the purpose of this page is to give people using a set of pages that are very much in flux a quick and easy way to find the terms they are seeing, many of which have not reached the stage of publication in the sense that they need to be understood here. It is in no way inimical to orderly glossary process to help readers in this way.