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Management6/2 attendance needs to be added. Minutes Approval 6/9

Attendance added.  6/2 approved

Russ will send out the new ZOOM URL to be used for future calls

Bob DDa Vinci voting items (4). DTR, PDex, CDex, HRex (restrict to R4)

Bob provided background that the guides were written before the final rule.  The final rule named FHIR v4, so that will be changed in the guides.  A question was asked what happens when R5 comes out?  Either a revision will be made to replace R4 in the guides or the guides themselves may be new versions.  STU4 version.  Move all 4 guides to support R4 only.

Bob D motion and Durwin D second. Abstain:0     Disapprove: 0  Approve: 17-0-0

Russ/Laurie B2 Dental NIBs

Notification of Intent to Ballot for Dental.

NIB's: 1- US Realm C-CDA Dental exchange STU (1553) notes, Russ motioned, Jean N second: discussion Russ. Abstain:0  Disapprove: 0  Approved: 15-0-0  Russ submitted.

          2- Dental Data Exchange  FHIR 3.1.0 US Realm (dental referral after result of consultation).  Lisa asked for referrals and responses, BSCR task and US Core based CCDA on FHIR.  Russ revised description regarding sharing data to support referral.  Explained that the exchange mechanism was Restful data.    Russ motioned, Greg seconded.  no discussion. Abstain 1 Disapproved 0 Approve 14-0-1

Pat TaylorPDEX/CDPDE diagram changenot available
Laurie BCDAR2 AIG CCDAComments combined and applied changes to the spreadsheet with comment numbers added.  Comments were for grammatical/typo changes.  Question is where to put attachment control number.  Laurie stated to read section 5, then section 7.11.  Mary Lynn commented on solicited vs unsolicited being in the same place in the 275.  The Ortho CDA proposes an order number in two spots based on syntax rule.  Lisa said OID should match data sent.  Mary Lynn asked if there was an OID for attachment control# or will a static OID be used?  It is not the intent of OID to use the same.  Added Attachment control number (solicited or unsolicited).  Russ stated that InFullfilment of will be used no matter if which OID is assigned.  Bring up in Structured Docs meeting.  Would like to keep control number for solicited and unsolicited instructions OID 2.16.840.1.113883.17.4 Provider Attachment 
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 Adjourned at 3:32 PM EST

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