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  • Vocabulary Co-Chairs plan and discuss items for next Vocabulary Work Group call

Discussion items

15 minAdministriva for this callAllAgreed to have Carmela lead this call, driving discussions to ensure we have options documented prior to Vocab call
10 minCo-Chair Nominations Deadline All

Deadline was June 15th, technically Carol, Reuben and Heather are up for re-election. Carol and Reuben have self-nominated. Carmela will be reaching out to Karen to ensure her nominations was completed

10 minThursday Tracker CallRob H

NDC 11 topic has been moved to Thursday FHIR Tracker Call. We believe we have a fundamental issue with the proposed solution (11 character NDF is another code/identifier) as FHIR does not support multiple identfiers, as the code system concept = code, there is only one. 

RM - Can we add the 11 character NDC as a property/attribute? 

RH - However, it does not come back as the code. The implementer requirement is that the 11 character NDC be in the "code" element.  The only options are separate code systems or use a concept map. 

CC - Or...FHIR supports multiple codes in a code system

RH - Which is likely not going to happen as it is a large impact to FHIR. If we assume that the requirement is to only use the 10 OR 11 formatted NDC, then a concept map may work

See action items for next step

5 minR4a vs R5All

We need a more formal statement around the plans for R5. Informally it has been left on Zulip as (continue on R5, 4b will be put out in between).

R4a - Official release of R4, execept a few resource additions

R4b - Changes that mean it is not R4 compatable, but the precursor to R5

Two resources, at least, are driving a R4b release (Medication Knowledge Resource, Subscription (notification when something changes))

Announcement here:

Discussion here:

5 minBlock votes for Main Work Group CallsCarmela

For example - ready for vote VSDP tickets need to be voted upon. Some concern has been raised about participants ability to understand details.

Carmela suggests that we use smaller blocks, notifying everyone in advance - using the vocab list serv and zulip to notify participants in advance. Any items that require addtional discussion, will be removed from the block either as requested in advance via Zulip or listserv OR in person the vocab call.

This will be done as a regular item on our chairs call.

First Block - All reviewed at FHIR tracker and all marked as ready for vote. JIRA Filter - VSDPReadyForVote

Action items