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Chair:  @ Dave Pyke

Scribe: @ Suzanne Gonzales-Webb

Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

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CBCP ZOOM 2020 info 

Join Zoom Meeting -

Meeting ID: 988 365 7483  Password: 722930+1 646 558 8656 US (New York) Find your local number:

34th Annual Plenary, Working Group Meeting & HL7 FHIR Connectathon

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and in the interest of the health and safety of our community, the 34th Annual Plenary and Working Group Meeting as well as the FHIR Connectathon will be held as virtual events. 

  • HL7 FHIR Connectathon: Wednesday, September 9 - Friday, September 11

  • Plenary Meeting: Monday, September 21 (morning)

  • Work Group Meetings: Monday, September 21 (afternoon) - Thursday, September 24 

    • If you have a significant International attendance, please schedule accordingly

Meeting Minutes Approval

2020-06-09 CBCP Meeting Agenda/Minutes DRAFT

2020-06-09 CBCP Meeting Minutes Approval

Motion made to approve meeting minutes as written: 

Vote: Opposed 0; Abstain: 0 Approval: 16

SOA Proposal: Consent Management Service

No update.

SOA is proposing a project for a Consent Management Service PSS specification addressing the APIs to interact with FHIR consent resources, as well as v2 and C-CDA. This will be informed by the ONC Leap Pilot as well as work done by Telstra Health in Australia.

The initial draft approved by SOA is here.

Lorraine is working with San Diego Health Connect and Cognitive on the reference information material they are building through the ONC  LEAP grant around Consent Management Service.  The material being balloted is an IG and a SOA-based service model around the service aspects on how you exchange the payloads which may be FHIR, V2 or CDA.  Note: FHIR Services are out of scope for this projects (this project is using the FHIR Services as is)

Telstra health in AU and one other are interested in the project making this an international project. 

January 2021 is the target for the initial ballot (STU); there is a change that May2021 may be more appropriate; project is set up in Confluence

**parsing consuming and enforcing The initial draft approved by SOA is here. 

CBCP agreed to co-sponsor project: Consent Management Service (owner: SOA) on 6/9/2020 (background information can be found on 6/9 meeting minutes

PACIO Project 

  • September 2020 Ballot Cycle


Reviewing comments/gaps from FHIR Connectathon tests - in planning stages for September FHIR Connectathon

Participation in DevDays last week, 

Please send any technical questions back to David Hill

Please direct any questions to Dave Hill (David Hill) Thank you!

NIB - Dave needs to contact primary WG Co-chairs to complete 

PSS Approved



  • (Greg) Alert, periodically create an update for community update presentation
    • eLTSS - Thursday July 16 12:30-1:30 ET
    • reporting out for May connectathon, updates to September connectathon
    • presenters - as in March Update that have implemented the eLTSS 
      • Patient Centric Solutions - patient share system
      • Open call for others - would like to hear from you by 6/12
      • State of Missouri - takeaways from the PACIO-eLTSS track will be reported out/what it means to them and their environment

GitHub Link:

ONC released the Leading Edge Acceleration Projects (LEAP) in Health IT, Special Emphasis Notice (SEN) on You can also find information on the website.

DS4P FHIR IG - Kathleen Connor

FHIR track is being led by Mohammad Jafari, Kathleen Connor

  • working on ballot reconciliation, Mohammad working on less technical
  • Kathleen in conversation with comments requiring more conversation
  • still having difficulty uploading to JIRA
  • Kathleen will be posting updated spreadsheet in Security WG Agenda

LINK:  FHIR DS4P IG, FHIR Proposals approved

PSS Approved 6/4/2019: FHIR Data Segmentation for Privacy (DS4P) Implementation Guide PSS (by Steering Division)

Cross Paradigm Security Labeling IG

(part of "Cross Paradigm Security Labeling IG")

a. Cross Paradigm, Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) IG

b. Cross Paradigm, 42CFR Part 2 IG

c. Cross Paradigm, Title 38 7332, Security Labeling IG

  • July 5 NIBs due
  • Ballot postponed to September, getting FHIR portion completed first
  • Working on the CDA portion confirming correct formatting for template

Struggling with DS4P templates; working on CUI for CDA; please contact Kathleen Connor if you'd like to take a crack at the CDA portion.

FHIR Security Meetings 

FHIR Security Meetings held MONDAY mornings  

Confluence page created for folks to submit uses cases - LINK: FHIR Permission

Security and Privacy Information Model - Security WG (owner), CBCP Co-sponsor

PSS completed, interested party information added; 

  • Mike is reviewing the last information model - posted recently / 2020 officially published version/ making revisions to this document
    • some classes have been updated (including 22600)
    • several diagrams with recommended updates, collected over time - focus is on updating these figures
    • Mike would like to set up a separate call to have regular session to review the proposed model changes
      • Security/CBCP to be invited
    • Mapped/mapping Information model to Security services/components

Aiming for January 2021 Ballot cycle

CBCP approves co-sponsoring the S&P Information Model project : HL7 Privacy and Security Information Model PSS as written. (MikeD/Greg), no further discussion 

FHIR Consent

Several new tickets opened by John Moehrke; DaveP is reviewing

  • A research subject is an 'ACT' ... not a person, which does not fit the model as envisioned (by BRR); "what is a eperson"
    • continued discussions underway; may result in change already implemented

Change Request/TICKETS Reviewed: (Consent Resource)

  1. from the Zulip Chat; update language for clarity (#27110)
  2. (#27773); Master Identifier - no longer accurate, changing to an inline attachment; consent narrative cleanup
  3. Background and Context; terminology no longer used in model (#27774) poor use of "opt-in/opt-out* " language
  4. Consent Query/Response Types - no currently supported (ability never added); removing (#27776
  5. moved advance directives out of consent language
  6. Remove consent.organization in duplicative or con.... (#27778) - need walk though dedicated discussion; (DaveP, Kathleen, JohnM and any others 2:00 ET on Thursday - list will be invited to join conversation.
  7. (#27779) Change comment to include a statement that a Consent with Performer is a statement of preference by the subject and not in force - clarification; need walk though dedicated discussion; (DaveP, Kathleen, JohnM and any others 2:00 ET on Thursday - list will be invited to join conversation.

*May look into opt-in/opt-out vs "permit vs deny" language for the way consent resource language works (how the resource works...not necessarily what the patient might use---'machine-works' not something that a patient might use/see'

MOTION: Approve resolutions as presented by Dave for the following FHIR Change request tickets: #27773, 27774, 27775, 27776 textual changes (Motion to accept these four changes ) Kathleen / Greg

Discussion: None

Abstain: none; Opposed: none; Approval: 16

Example Requests

David Pyke still looking for FHIR Consent implementations 

  • De-identified patient - they only allow links to patients ('anything living') meant to be a paper wall between patient and research study–wherein they are linked together but are still protecting anonymity.  specific for research participant studies 
  • MOTION made to approve resolution (Craig / Suzanne), no further discussion
  • Vote: Abstentions: 0; Objections: 0; Approved by consensus (15)  #27032

Privacy and Security Architecture PSAF

No update; publication request in.... waiting ANSI approval

Additional Agenda Items

(Johnathan) There is a PSS FHIR IG: subject on Care Plan (sponsor: Patient Care?)... need to watch/look at; described in PSS doing data element mapping. "CBCP listed as interested party"

Co-chair elections - CLOSED

Steering Division Co-chairs Nominations

  • Current Co-chairs: Johnathan Coleman, Dave Pyke, Suzanne Gonzales-Webb have been nominated/self-nominated for re-election 

Also looking for Steering Division co-Chairs - requirement is that you have been a co-chair for a WG committee (and be nominated by co-chair)

Notes:Add SwP to 6/30 agenda


 Meeting adjourned at 0953 Arizona Time 


 PresentName Affiliation 

 David Pyke Co-Chair

Ready Computing 
@Jim Kretz Co-Chair SAMHSA 
VA (Book Zurman) 





Amber Patel

Cambia Health

@Beth Connor

Colleen Wadman 443-553-3533

David Angeles 616-446-6549



Forrest White



@Hannah Galvan


Jeff Helman

SSA (Aegis)

Jessica Skopac



John Davis "Mike"

SSA (Aegis)
VA (Book Zurman)
Kel Callahan kcallahan@hipaat.comHIPAAT
Kenneth SalyardsSAMHSA

Laura Bright

Leavitt Partners, CARIN

Mindy Lee

Colombia University
VA (Book Zurman)
LGI Software
Patrick Pyette ppyette@hipaat.comHIPAAT

Sean Mahoney


Ty Mullen


Victor Vadim


Willie Eetmiott

(914) 485-5076

Lorraine Constable

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