Date: 2020-07-09

Facilitator:  Anthony Julian

Note Taker: Anne Wizauer




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MethodologyReview previous vitality assessment presentation and discuss methodology

Reviewed "Vitality Assessment 101 - Revisited" presentation. Discussion over refocusing the organization on this topic.

Purpose is to create a system of governance that is fully prepared for business change and the continued support of strategic goals.

Jean: Are we looking at vitality of the organization, products, the ARB? Ron: You can apply this to relate to any of those.

Jean: Does ARB take a role in assessing vitality across the organization? Ron: Yes, we would be the agents who would conduct the assessment, with perhaps some additional participants.

Reviewed strategic adjustment, industry shift triggers, metric triggers. 

Discussion over the mechanics of doing this. Reviewed vitality governance process and steps to execute the plan.

Hugh: If you look at triggers from the perspective of a WG, it doesn't seem that different from the WG  Health measures. However, you could apply this to some of the standards we've got. Ron agrees. We need to make sure we are achieving our strategic goals in the face of change. Lorraine: We're radically changing things like our approval process. In the face of that change, how do things like steering divisions/management groups/etc. function? 

Ron: Rather than allowing something to simply morph, this is intentional. Hugh: We don't use the step of what our customers think very often. 

Ron: It would be valuable when things transition to FHIR, they could use this to assess the material impact on customers. We could potentially improve adoption by providing evolutionary approaches.

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Determine if we want to undertake a vitality assessment process

Introduce interoperable VA material provided for comment

 Adjourned at 5:04 pm Eastern

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