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ChairJohn Hatem

Dial-in Number

Web session


John Hatem (Chair)

Melva Peters

Freida HallQuest Diagnostics
Francois Macary
Margaret Weiker
Frank McKinneyPOCP
Tim McNeilSurescripts
Tyler ScheidAMA
Maggie BuchingerSurescripts
Danielle Bancroft FRED IT
Bapi Behera
Steve SaillardEpic
Daniel ZhangEpic
Heather McComasAMA
Jean DuteauDuteau Design
Peter Muir
Scott RobertsonKaiser Permanente

Agenda Items and Notes

Catalogue Project

  • Implementation Guide being developed - structure in FHIR to build formularies
    • a lot of work has been done for laboratory use cases
    • want to add in pharmacy content
  • Francois provided the following background
    • Order-Catalog FHIR IG
      • single FHIR IG for order catalogs of any kins of health artifacts - services, products, knowledge
      • Project Insight 1010
      • FHIR IG Proposal: - has been approved by FMG
      • Current build of IG: 
      • List Serve: 
      • 4 kinds of content envisioned so far
      • plan to ballot next August - may just be lab content
      • Using Composition - either full composition with entries that reference the items or just the header 
      • Medication content is 
        • profile on MedicationKnowledge
      • Asking Pharmacy WG:
        • when to start working on medication content?
        • who might be interested?
        • PHAST wants to distribute its drug metathesaurus for the French market (recipients are French hospitals, but also working with vendors of EHR and pharmacy systems) using the order-catalog FHIR IG
          • motivated to work directly on the current build rather than R4
          • will trigger some trackers on MedicationKnowledge (one already approved)
          • provides coded vocabularies to enable e-prescription and e-dispense in hospitals - focusing on clinical informations - includes branded medications as well as generic medications (virtual)
        • Other stakeholders?
          • da Vinci project - probably focused on consumers
          • RTPBC - 
          • NCPDP Formulary and Benefits Standard 
      • Pharmacy should own the use cases for the medication related content
        • could consider creating our own project for Pharmacy to work on this
        • need to check requirements from existing projects - to define requirements
        • define boundaries and scopes - 
        • Should separate out medication related from current IG - included use cases only for the August ballot
          • remainder of content will go into next release
    • 20200323_Pharmacy_WG_catalogs.pptx

Updates from Workflow

  • dealing with product mappings to FHIR - documentation into FHIR space 
  • May produce some examples

Healthcare Product

  • no updates

NCPDP Updates

  • Specialty Medication Prescribing PSS update - Specialty Medications
    • approved by HL7
    • have started with outline in FHIR IG
    • concurrently working on introduction text
    • need to get FHIR IG Proposal approved
  • Standardized Medication List - Standardized Medication Profile
    • just started to meet

V2-FHIR Mapping


  • Real Time Pharmacy Benefit Check -
    • for 3/23/2020 ballot comment resolution - these items have been reviewed on ballot reconciliation call
      • Motion to approve the disposition for items in Block Vote 1 - Scott - Frank - 15-0-0
      • Frank will send out next block vote for next week

   Getting issues...

  • Medication List Guidance
    • Confluence Pages: Patient Medication List Guidance
      • Melva reviewed the context page
      • will be starting to put some words around the content
      • Danielle will help with content
      • Melva to start FHIR IG Proposal
    • Universal need for doing e-prescribing over FHIR
    • focus on use cases for e-prescribing IG - have an plan to create an IG
      • there are some AU requirements from e-prescribing - that can feed in to next project


Trackers - link to pharmacy unresolved Jira trackers 

  • FHIR-26563
    • in principle, agree that we could add a reference, but need to do more analysis on how we would handle the requirements
      • bigger picture of relationships
      • continue to discuss


  • None

Next meeting

  • March 30, 2020 at 4pm Eastern

Action Items

  • Pharmacy WG will review and update use cases for Catalog project
  • Notify Francois when we schedule Catalog discussion - he will join
  • need FHIR IG Proposal approved - for Specialty Medication Prescribing PSS Melva Peters
  • need FHIR IG Proposal approved - for Medication List Melva Peters

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