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Security and Privacy  Information Model (S&P DAM REFRESH) 

HL7 Privacy and Security Information Model PSS;

  • Note: changed ballot date from May 2021 to January 2021

Information model update: The new information model will consolidate and harmonize security models across HL7 standards (Access Control, Audit, TF4FA etc.) and (incomplete) updates from FHIM (Consolidated unresolved models). Also included are direct mappings to Access Control, Audit and Authentication (e.g. Class models)  mapped to Access Control services.

Need to complete PSS milestones per Security WG Admin Upcoming PSS and NIB Deadline Dates for Future Ballot Cycles

Security WG approval June 9, 2020

ISD approval - by July

TSC before August 23, 2020

Project Approval Request

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Moved-SecondKathleen Connor-Security WG/ Andrew Statler SD

Jun 11, 2020 15:24

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  1. Is this STU Comment Only  or Normative (see 5b) also PSS need clarity on scope and deliverables?

  2. Hi Matthew - please check PSS now that I've added more detail on scope, deliverables and intended ballot level.  Let me know if you see additional areas of improvement. Thanks for your comments, K.

  3. Why are you creating a D-MIM in this day and age?  Is there a reason/benefit to producing a v3 model?  Certainly we shouldn't be publishing any new v3-based implementation specifications.  And a v3-based D-MIM is going to be opaque to most people who would use it.  Why not just produce a logical model that uses clear, industry-familiar terminology?

  4. Hi Kathleen:  I think you should change the answers to 3L) V3 Data types to N/A as your aren't creating V3 content and for 4A) Products change to DAM (4th on the List) rather than DMIM.

  5. Changed D-MIM to Logical Model. 3L is now N/A.

  6. After some revisions to address noted comments. The PSS is now approved 2020-07-07

  7. MH Health Work Group has reviewed PSS Changes and would like to remove negative vote.