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Terminology owner/maintenance organisation

Name, contact details, website

The ISCO-08 is based at The International Labour Organization and maintained by the Bureau of Statistics in the Department of Statistics

Contact here: |

Formal name of the code system

International Standard Classification of Occupations 2008

Short name or abbreviation of the code system name


Technical identifier/s for the code system 

OID: Not assigned

Canonical URL: TBD

Scope/domain statement for the code system

(Official or from HTA)

ISCO-08 provides a system for classifying and aggregating occupational information obtained by means of statistical censuses and surveys, as well as from administrative records. It is a revision of the International Standard Classification of Occupations 1988 (ISCO-88), which it supersedes.

Link to information about the code system - including how to obtain the content

Arrangement or agreements with HL7 for use of content

Version management - timing and identification of versionsTBD

IP Information and Licensing Information


HL7 users of this information - which HL7 products use this link (if known)

FHIR Clincal Guidelines

Process to request content change

Contact the HL7 Terminology Authority

Other useful Information

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