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<reference hanging gardens model>

<include SES MDI paper>  what is unique to the Plug-n-Trust i

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<application to QH/SH>

<What is Ghirkin>

<What is ReqIF>

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<include 2020.06.12 notes topic of SDPi models page integrated with narrative models traceable to Plug-n-Trust w/ test scripts, tooling, procedures, etc.>



SES MDI Framework & Considerations 

In order to achieve the desired requirements / capabilities "capture" and traceability from top level use cases to device / system interoperable plug-and-trust connection, a consistent set of constructs must be utilized to characterize the elements of each "Hanging Gardens" Model Layer and then to link across each layer, from Narratives to Plug-and-Trust!

The CA & Tooling group is developing a set of slides that provide the next level of detail for integration across the garden model:

The following UML models also provide a more specific relationship between the technologies that are used for formalize the content of each "layer" and how these layers are integrated within the overall model.  

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