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Date: 20200521 

Facilitator:  Anthony Julian

Note Taker: Anthony Julian


XAnthony JulianMayo Clinic

United Healthcare
RKaiser Permanente
RVernetzt, LLC
R Altarum     
XEric Haas
XPaul Knapp
XVassil Peytchev

XCeline Lefebvre

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MethodologyBlock vote #6

Pull 26132,26129,26117.  MMS To accept block with Pulls Eric Haas  / Paul Knapp


Craig to make recommendation on original mode.

No action V2MGMT did not meet. 

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MethodologyMessaging in FHIR

Expectation of content models.  Whether or not the expected response from a request in fhir messaging is intended to be a bundle in all cases:  If you are

returning an operation outcome is it in the bundle, or separate?  Vassil Peytchev  Contradictory language in message header resource description: needs to

be clarified, and made consistent with the messaging framework page.,1

Synchronous is clear.  Asynchronous requires an immediate response,

However synchronous message exchange does not cater for multiple response messages, which may arise when processing queries, and also imposes through-put limitations which may become relevant at high volumes. Additionally, it might not be practical or appropriate to wait for response messages. In these cases, the asynchronous message pattern should be used.

In Asynchronous messaging, the server acknowledges receipt of the message immediately, and responds to the sender separately. The server may respond more than once to any given message. (with a message bundle carrying a messageHeader.)

This says that it can return HTTP response, but messaging says must return a bundle of type messages.

"The response content type returned is always Bundle with type "message" containing a Message Header resource as the first resource, or an HTTP error"

The simplest way to handle messages where there are also RESTful interactions occurring is to use the $process-message. This operation accepts a message, processes it according to the definition of the event in the message header, and returns a one or more response messages. See the opreation definition for further details.(Correct Spelling)

The following rules apply when using $process-message:

  • The operation only accepts POST transactions - any other HTTP method will result in an HTTP error - Modal verb
  • The request content type submitted is always Bundle with type "message" containing a Message Header resource as the first resource - Modal verb
  • The response content type returned is always Bundle with type "message" containing a Message Header resource as the first resource, or an HTTP error - Modal verb
  • If the response is an error, the body SHOULD be an Errors ∓ Warning resource with full details
  • The mailbox may be authenticated using standard HTTP authentication methods, including OAuth - Modal verb

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Minute Approval2020-05-07-InM WG Agenda/Minutes
Block vote #6

Let me know if you would like to pull an item out to discuss. You will get another opportunity on the call to remove an item.

Jira Issue Summary (Reporter) Resolution

  1. J#26209 Device in MessageHeader, (nradov) Persuasive with Modification
  2. J#26132 Unsolicted notifications should be limited to defined use cases and triggers, (celine_lefebvre) Persuasive with Modification
  3. J#26131 Need to reference Da Vinci Guiding Principles soemwhere in IG that is consistent across all other Da Vinci ballots , (celine_lefebvre) Persuasive with Modification
  4. J#26130 Shoud not have two ways of doing something. , (celine_lefebvre) Persuasive with Modification
  5. J#26129 How is the intermediary going to determine what to remove1?, (celine_lefebvre) Persuasive with Modification
  6. J#26127 add link, (celine_lefebvre) Persuasive with Modification
  7. J#26126 add versions, (celine_lefebvre) Not Persuasive
  8. J#26124 Providers should not be required to provide the precise reason for missing data, (celine_lefebvre) Persuasive with Modification
  9. J#26121 Is there a possibility for manual review so that sensitive data is not shared? , (celine_lefebvre) Persuasive with Modification
  10. J#26117 Contract agreement to establish triggering event , (celine_lefebvre) Persuasive
  11. J#26116 Many things create encounters from Admission Discharge Scenarios , (celine_lefebvre) Persuasive with Modification
  12. J#26114 Add Guiding Primciples to IG, (celine_lefebvre) Persuasive with Modification
Guidance for data sharing

Matrix: Data Sharing matrix

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Data Sharing Decision Tree

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